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  Whoopee! characters and strips...
     Professor Cube    Professor Cube - Ken Reid style!
    Professor Cube
    Professor Cuthbert Cube was a mad-as-a-hatter inventor with
    glory on his mind who - of course - failed dismally at every
    inventive attempt. He also happened to be "Dad" to
    Odhams/Fleetway hero Frankie Stein.

    The Prof and Frankie had quite a ride together. They started
    out in Odhams' Smash comic before being re-introduced
    in Shiver & Shake in 1973. Eighteen months later they
    survived the merger with Whoopee! to become weekly
    regulars in that title too. Professor Cube naturally featured
    in all the Frankie Stein specials and annuals aw well.
    And it's within these pages that he finally got his chance
    to shine separately of Frankie...

    Take the 1977 Whoopee! Book of Frankie Stein. Professor
    Cube - Relatively Speaking introduced us to the Professor's
    extended family of madcaps and nitwits from around the
    world, courtesy of a dusty old photo album found in the
    Prof's loft by young Frankie. Amongst the crazy
    collection are:

    Cousin Blue from Australia
    Second Cousin Hans from Switzerland
    Uncle Henry T. Cube from America
    Aunt Oxone Cube from France
    Uncle McCube the Scotsman...

    Surprisingly, on the annuals front, it wasn't until the 1979
    Whoopee! annual that our Prof actually ended up in his own
    strip: Professor Cube - Inventor detailed his abysmal attempt
    to construct an invisibility vehicle. 

    Eagle-eyed readers noted a change in the Prof's lab coat,
    which sported a spotty patch on the right elbow in this
    new strip. So why the change, was he in disguise?
    Had some dastardly experiment damaged his clothing?
We weren't told, and to be honest, we really shouldn't

    Professor Cube - from the Whopee! Annual 1979



  Professor Cube
  Facts & Figures

  1st Fleetway

  & Shake #1
  10th March 1973

  1st solo
  book of Frankie
  Stein 1977

  1st solo annual
  annual 1979

  Original artist:
  Ken Reid

  Other artists:
  Robert Nixon


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