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 Toon Gods
The Hound gets all religious...
  Ralph Steadman - Toon God  

   Saluting the Gonzo God Of
Cartoon Chaos...



    I Am God...      Selected works...       Steadman on the web...


    I Am God

In Ralph Steadman's hands ink is an amniotic, life-giving fluid. His absurd
    characters are born from a canvas of murky hues and crosshatches, stretching
    out across the page, fluid, evolving, like beings from some other realm or
    nightmare, even. Look there! - In the chaos of creation a recognisable cartoon
    form comes together. An eye here, a mouth there, now limbs yearning. Inky 
    threads and blotches combine to make some hypnotic whole...

    To call Mr Steadman a Toon God is no overblown statement. His solo works
    tackle some Big Themes. 'I, Leonardo' focuses on Leonard Da Vinci. And
    then there's confounding, mesmerizing story of God, 'The Big I Am'. The latter
    is comprised of extraordinary double-page puddles of creative soup, swirling,     evolving and spewing forth mesmerizing characters and creations.

     Emergency Mouse    The Big i Am by Ralph Steadman   I, Leonardo by ralph Steadman

    Some times our God likes to play with other Gods to create Something
    Special. Famously, Mr Steadman's collaborations with the maverick Hunter
    S Thompson produced the wholly unique, wholly off-the-wall GONZO style
    journalism and illustrative technique. What exactly is GONZO? It's impossible
    to define. 'Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas' is a primordial soup of words and
    drug-enhanced imagery which eludes description here.

    But - hey - let's put our feet back on the ground. Even God likes to take a day
    off once in a while.
Ralph has illustrated hugely successful editions of  'Animal
    Farm' and 'Treasure Island', and produced images for three extraordinary volumes
    based upon Lewis Carrol's 'Alice' and 'Snark' books. He's brought Bernard Stone's
    Mouse stories to life in three sweet children's story books and had a 'swinging'
    time of things with 'No Room To Swing A Cat'. And Mr Steadman likes put his
    palate to the test as a wine connoisseur, having written and illustrated two
    well-received volumes on the subject. He has also loaned his talents to the
    campaign for that debauched, drink-fueled film 'Withnail And I'.
    Steadman's official web site provides us with a fascinating window on to his
    wonderful world of creation. It really is much more than a simple advertising
    space, much as Mr S himself is much more than a mere cartoonist or illustrator.
    Here's to you, Ralph - artist, artist, author, creator and self-proclaimed
    Toon God!


    Selected works

    Books by Ralph Steadman:
    Ralph Steadman's Jelly Book (1967)
    The Little Red Computer (1969)
    Still Life With Raspberry Or
    The Bumper Book Of Steadman (1969)
    Dogs Bodies (1970)
    Ralph Steadman's Bumper To Bumper
    Book For Children (1972)
    Bumper Book Of Boobs (1973)
    Flowers For The Moon (1974)
    The Bridge (1974)
    Two Donkeys And The Bridge (1974)
    Charlie's Angels (1978)
    Sigmund Freud (1979)
    A Leg In The Wind And Other
    Canine Curses (1982)
    I Leonardo (1983)
    No Good Dogs (1983)
    Between The Eyes (1984)
    Paranoids; From Socrates To
    Joan Collins (1986)
    That's My Dad (1986)
    Scar Strangled Banger (1987)
    The Big I Am (1988)
    No Room To Swing A Cat (1989)
    Near The Bone (1990)
    Tales Of The Weirrd (1991)
    The Grapes Of Ralph (1992)
    Teddy! Where Are You? (1994)
    Jones Of Colorado (1995)
    Still Life With Bottle (1997)
    Little.com (2000)

With Hunter S Thompson:
Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas (1971)
Fear And Loathing On The
Campaign Trail '72 (1973)
America (1974)
The Curse Of Lono (1983)
Gonzo: The Art (1998

Mouse Books
with Bernard Stone:

Emergency Mouse (1978)
Inspector Mouse (1980)
Quasimodo Mouse (1984)

Illustrated classics:
Alice In Wonderland (1967)
Through The Looking Glass And
What Alice Found There (1972)
The Hunting Of The Snark (1975)
Treasure Island (1985)
The Complete Alice & Snark (1987)
Animal Farm: A Fairy Story (1995)

Movie Campaigns:
Withnail And I (1987)
Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas (1998)


      On the web

      Ralph Steadman
      As mentioned before, The Master has his own web site. And it's mighty fine.
      There's a biography, information on his works, current exhibits, projects etc.
      Plus, if you've the cash to hand, there's a large range of artwork to
      purchase - from Joe Petro gallery original silk screens to simpler pieces
      for the smaller wallet. Yes, for a 'modest' fee you can actually own a piece
      of Mr Steadman. Exciting, eh?

      The Great Thompson Hunt
      'The Great Thompson Hunt' is a huge place devoted to Hunter S.
      and all things associated. This place is brimming with Steadman info.
      His associations with Thompson are intimately chronicled and
      cataloged for the serious surfer. There are articles here, book
      reviews, book covers, photos - pages of 'em all - and a big
      scrolling list of  links to explore. If you like Steadman, you'll love
      this place...


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© Ralph Steadman / F2000-2003