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British Movie Toons

     Bob The Builder: A Christmas To Remember

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   Bob the Builder:
   A Christmas

    to Remember    (2001)
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producers: HOT Animation for HIT Entertainment
stop-motion animation
      run time: 50mins


    Christmas is coming and Bob and his friends - human, animal, mechanical
    and scarecrow - are preparing for the jolly holidays. And those festivities look
    set to be even jollier than usual because Bob's twin brother Tom is coming
    to visit. Tom is a celebrated zoologist based way up north in the snowy arctic
    circle, with his husky Pongo, and Scoot the skibogan, and he's not seen his
    brother in ages.

    As Tom prepares for his visit, Bob and friends are planning a cracking
    Christmas concert in the town square, with those old rockers Lennie and the
    Lazers as the stars of the show.  But - oh - how the best preparations go awry.
    The Town Hall gets bashed by a wayward fir tree, the Christmas lights short
    circuit the town, Spud trashes the Christmas Fairy, Lennie loses his voice
    and worst of all, poor Tom has missed his boat South. Truly, this is shaping
    up to be a christmas to remember...

    "A Christmas to Remember" is Bob the Builder's first-ever feature-length
    adventure, and it's really rather fun. The antics in town are boosted by the
    prescence of several "star guests" who, rather than labouring events with
    their inclusion, are tastefully underplayed so that they lift the film above the
    expected norm for a video feature. Lennie Lazer is voiced by and looks like
    media celebrity Chris Evans (he's popped up infrequently in the regular tv
    show too). Then there's the roadie, barking-mad Banger who bears more than
    a passing resemblance to Noddy Holder, the former frontman of glam rock
    act Slade. Banger even wears glam clothes and sports those so-familiar
    muttonchop  sideburns. And then there's John, the meek and mild songwriter
    who's itching for his big break with the Lazers. The chap finally gets his chance
    to shine, thanks to Lennie's lack of larynx, and some helpful encouragement
    from Roley. John is in fact voiced by Elton John and he belts out a rousing
    version of "Crocodile Rock" in the film's finale. It's an understated turn from
    the knighted one, and works very well indeed.
    You know, it's easy to dismiss Bob, Wendy, Spud and the rest on the back
    of "that song" and the excessive press that accompanied the characters a
    year-or-so ago, but when you cut away thehype the show itself is actually
    a very fine creation with endearing characters and stories, and top-quality
    animation. It's difficult to fault and it's no surprise to hear that the video has
    shifted more than 320,000 units to date in the UK. What's more, the film
    went on to pick up the very first Bob the Builder BAFTA, because, after
    several series nominations, it was this film that finally clinched the coveted
    trophy for Best Animation in 2003...



     2003 Children's BAFTA - Best Animation


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     A Christmas to Remember on DVD

     UK DVD
Bob the Builder: A Christmas to Remember
                Region 2 / HIT Entertainment / Nov 2003

     USA DVD
Bob the Builder - Holiday Video 2003
                A Christmas to Remember
                Region 1 / Lyons / Lyrick / Sept 2003


     a HOT Animation Production
     for HIT Entertainment Plc

      exec prod:   
     script editor:


     art director
     & realisation:

     additional anim:   

      & machines:

      set dressing:
      lighting camera:
      additional camera:
      assist camera:
      assist editors:
      voice recording:
      audio post-prod:
      dubbing mixer:
      online editing:
      prod man for HIT:
      prod runner:
      prod assistant:
      snr prod assistant:
      jnr asst prod:
Sarah Ball
Jackie Cockle

Kate Fawkes (for HIT)
Jimmy Hibbert
Dick Hansom
Keith Chapman

Paul K Joyce
recorded at Angel Sound

Barbara Biddulph, Richard Edmunds
Paul Couvela, Jud Walton,
Andy Burns, Jacky Howson
Sarah Owen, Inge Van Wijngaarden,
Charlie Hopkins, George Laban, Gilly Fogg,
Dan Alderson, Dale Hemenway,
Felix Pereira-Crabtree, Victor Georgiev,
John Oates

Mackinnon & Saunders Ltd

Leigh Manning
The As and When Men
Geraldine Corrigan, Karen Betty
Lucy Beckett, Chris Sievey, Jon Kershaw,
Steve Cox, Lynne Ainsworth, Jon Fletcher,
Dave Haworth, Richard Dawson
Curtis Jobling

Sally Taylor
Ellen Meske
Iain Karim
Angela Poschet PVK, Joe Dembinski,
Shirlaine Forrest
St John Starkie, Churtin Season
Zyggy Markiewicz
Shreety Raval, Bruce Marshall,
Adam Taylor, Jane Hicks
Wild Tracks Audio Studios
Richard Spooner
The Sound House
John Wood
422 Manchester,
Steve Shadforth, Andy Hunwick
Karen Davidsen
Terry Bane
Melissa Rogers
Donna Holdsworth
Bella Reekie
Neil Morrissey (Bob)

Rob Rackstraw (Spud / Travis)
Kate Harbour (Wendy / Dizzy)
Stephen Tompkinson (Tom)
Alison Steadman (Mayor Bunty Ferguson)
Noddie Holder (Banger)
Lennie Lazenby (Chris Evans)
Elton John (John)


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