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  Jackpot characters and strips...

   Richie & Lucky
    Richie Wraggs
County bumpkin Richie and his knowing black cat Lucky
    toured the land with a knapsack o'er Richie's shoulder and
    ne'er a ha'penny to their names, as they searched for
    their fame and fortune.

    The lad was a real Devonshire dimwit, always using "Oi"
    instead of "I" and chewing on a stalk of corn. He was
    forever chasing rainbows. And yet, in every strip the duo
    would stumble through a series of impossible events which
    would indeed prove of benefit to them - and hence take
    them from rags to riches, alebit temporarily...
Richie Wraggs and Lucky The Cat...

    This was an oddly outdated strip concept for the time.
    The days of bumpkin-like happy-go-luckys touring the land
    were already long gone by the time this appeared. Richie
    was simliar in vein to those other famous bumpkins, Ma,
    Pa, Billy and Daisy from Whoopee! (even sharing the
    same artist) and it highlighted yet again that recurring
    Fleetway theme of the Poor Man being happy with his
    lot in life. It was a theme at the heart of strips like
    Ivor Lott & Tony Broke, Milly & Penny, etc.

    But Lady Luck obviously shone on Richie for a while, 'cos
    his strip was Jackpot's first ever cover strip. And he and
    Lucky roamed the weekly comics right up to the title's
    demise. Still,
he wasn't so lucky with the annuals.
    The lad went missing from the first Jackpot Annual in
    1980, and didn't put in an appearance until the 1981



  Richie Wraggs
  Facts & Figures

  1st appearance:

  Jackpot #1
  5th May 1979

  1st Annual
  Jackpot 1981

  Also seen in:
  BIG comic
  annual 1992

  Original artist:
   Mike Lacey


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