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  Krazy characters and strips...

 SqueekyScaredy Cat     
    Scaredy Cat
Scaredy Cat was a quivering puss who would turn to jelly
   at the slightest sign of trouble - literally. You see, whenever
   he was frightened (which was often) Scaredy could morph
   into an endless stream of shapes and objects, like some
   feline Terminator. But there was a catch. The object he
   turned in to had to feature the word "cat" or "puss" or
   something else catty-sounding within its pronunciation...

   Quite where this "crazy" skill came from isn't revealed.
   But who cares, when the strip is so much fun?

   In his first ever encounter (Krazy #1), Scaredy has a run-in
   with a Fisherman which gets the soggy moggy transforming
   in to a CAT-amaran, and an octo-PUSS, before he ends
   up with the angler's CAT-ch...

   Scaredy becomes an octo-puss...  Mugger Muggins

   Scaredy's mousey mate was called Squeeky, by the way.
   He was a later addition to the strip, missing from those first
   issues of Krazy. Squeeky became the Cheeky Sidekick,
   helping Scaredy through his knee-trembling encounters,
   and he never morphed at all.

   In later strips a recurring antagonist was introduced. Mugger
   Muggins was a mischievous monocled mutt bent on bettering
   our flexible feline - quite why is anyone's business, but that's
   him above, right...

   The Scaredy Cat concept was just a cute reworking of
   Odd-Ball from Whizzer & Chips, with a cat instead of a
   floating football. The strips even shared the same artist
   (Terry Bave). In Scaredy's case, however, the choice of  
   morphs was rather limited, which might explain why, as
   the strips progressed, Scaredy's transformations became
   less and less common. Indeed, if you check the 1980
   Krazy Annual you'll see Scaredy remains a normal -
   though petrified - puss throughout...



  Scaredy Cat
  Facts & Figures

  1st appearance:

  Krazy #1
  16th Oct 1976

  Original artist:

  Terry Bave


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