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   School Fun
  First issue
  Mon.15th October 1983

  Last issue

Mon. 26th May 1984

  Free gifts
  #1 -Slippy Sticky Snake

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School Fun #1

School Fun Annuals

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  School Fun
  strip info

  1st issue

   B.Ware Caretaker
   Coronation St. School
   Creepy Crawler
   Grange Hill Juniors
   Junior Ed
   School Belle
   School Team
   Softly Sir
   Teachers United
   Time Bus
   Walt Teaser
   Young Arfur 



   Willy Wonty


  "The Happiest Read
    Of Your life!"

  "This Comic's
   Got Class, Kids!"

  "Top Of The Class!"

  "Ten Out Of Ten
   For laughs!"


   Saved by the bell...

"School Fun" opened its gates for just 33 weeks, or issues,
    from October 1983 to the end of May 1984. It arrived on the
    crest of a wave of interest for top BBC kids soap "Grange Hill",
    and indeed, featured the Grange Hill Juniors in their own
    "serious" strip. As the title implied, strips and characters
    were all school-related with school kids as the stars, or
    teachers, or kids and teachers sharing equal billing, or
    - um - well, the brief was rather restrictive. But there was
    B. Ware the abrasive, rough-handed caretaker who had his
    own strip. Time Bus got the kids out of school and into the
    past or future, as required. But the comic's most infamous
    strip was Schoolditz, which took its teachers and pupils
    out of the classroom and into the jolly confines of a Nazi
    Prison Camp - Yoiks!

   The School Fun Shield

    "School Fun" brought back old favourite Slowcoach,
    previously seen in the pages of "Whizzer & Chips", and
    Willy Wonty joined the comic after a readers vote. Six
    potential new strips were presented to readers - one each
    week for six weeks from issues 6 to 12. After they'd all
    apppeared in print, readers could vote for their favourite.
    It was a format that had been run twice in "Cor!!" comic
    a decade earlier...
    As well as the strips, each week we were presented with
    a selection of daft School Signs to cut-out and paste around
    campus, and there was a suitably daft Test Yourself page
    used to detemine if you were a school sneak, teacher's pet,
    chicken, swot or bully, or worse...

    End of term analysis...

    After a woefully short term, the comic merged with "Buster"
    on 2nd June 1984. Surviving strips included School Team,
    B. Ware, School Belle, Teachers United, Slowcoach,
    Walt Teaser and Young Arfur -
with that old sniveler
    Creepy Crawler now in Arfur's class too...

    The comic now takes its place in history as being Fleetway's
    very last foray into Fun Comic territory. The company aimed
    for an altogether younger audience with "Nipper", and skewed
    towards trendy teens with "Oink!". But although "School
    Fun" was never quite a Grade A title, it certainly deserved
    a B+ for effort...


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