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  Jackpot characters and strips...
 Scooper - Mr Jones and Son
Scooper was a budding newspaper reporter, just like
    his Dad, Mr Jones, the photographer for the Daily Bilge. 
    Trouble was, the lad's meddling always interfered with
    the work in hand and frequently ended with "Dad"
    humiliated or degraded in some way.

    Like so many Fleetway strips, Scooper wasn't malicious,
    just over-keen. And, in this instance, frequently better at
    the job than his clumsy father....  

    Scooper started in Jackpot #1 with Tom Paterson holding
    the pen, and the usually smattering of pongy socks and
    niffy wafts filling the panel details. But it was actually a
    remake of strip trialed six years earlier:

    Snappy Sam & Flash Harry was a one-off  presentation
    in Cor!!'s Cor-medy Choice selection put forward to readers
    during a ten week period in 1973. The reader's favourite
    ended up as a regular Cor!! strip. Sam and Harry were
    choice #5, with their strip presented in the issue dated
    19th May 1973, but they didn't make the grade - the
    winner being strip #4, Val's Vanishing Cream...



  Facts & Figures

  1st appearance:

  Jackpot #1
  5th May 1979

  A remake of:

  Snappy Sam
  & Flash Harry
  19th May 1973

  Original artist:

  Tom Paterson


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