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British Comic Strips
     Scream #9

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      publisher: Fleetway / IPC Magazines
      start date:
24th March
       end date:
30th June 1984
                       15 issues

   "Not for the nervous!"
   "Britain's creepiest comic!"
   "Stories to make you shiver!"


    Scream! was a bloodcurdling British weekly which sent a shiver down the
    spine of its youthful readership that can still be felt today.
Only 15 weekly
    issues were ever published, but those ghoulishly-good tales obviously
    struck a nerve because its ongoing notoriety far outstrips its four
    month lifespan...

    Each issue was hosted by Ghastly McNasty who introduced a rack of
    tortured tales for our delight.
 Opening proceedings in the first issue was
    "The Dracula File" detailing the exploits of the infamous Count in London.
    "The Thirteenth Floor" starred a diabolical, possessed computer called
    Max, who would transport ne'erdowells to the realm of the mysterious top
    floor of his/its high-rise building. "Tales From the Grave" graced the
    centre pages (in colour!) and gave us the graveyard Leper, telling us an
    ever-so 'orrible story each week. In "Monster", Uncle Terry was a hideous
    Quasimodo-type on the run with young Kenneth. Meanwhile, our weekly
    comic relief came in the form of "Fiends and Neighbours" resuscitated
    from Fleetway's former fun comic Cor!!

    Six years earlier, Misty had been happy to merely tantalize and tease its
    female readership. But Scream! revelled in its full-on, bloody horror for
    boys. Sadly, the horrors ran-out far too early, and though issue 16 was
    previewed in the 15th edition, it never appeared on newstands. Instead,
    the comic was merged with its Fleetway stablemate, Eagle.

    And yet, the title simply refused to die peacefully, because it returned
    to haunt newsagents via a series of Holiday Specials, published over
    the following years...

Scream Holiday Special 1986

    Pustulating posters...

    The Scream! team liked their posters. The first six issues featured back
    cover artwork you could cut and paste together to form a big ghastly poster.
    Then issues 7, 9 and 12 featured wraparound poster covers. But things
    went awry with their final offering. Issues 13 to 15 featured the first three
    parts of another back cover concoction, "Monsters of the Deep", only
    - well - we never got issue 16, so we never got the final quarter of the

    We want Moore...

    That's Alan Moore to you and me. He actually wrote the first part of
    "Monster" in Scream!'s premier issue. And Cam Kennedy and Eric
    Bradbury also contributed to the launch issue...


   1st issue strips
   and credits

   The Dracula File
   artist: Eric Bradbury
   writer: G Finley-Day
   lettering: J Aldrich

   The Thirteenth Floor
   artist: Jose Ortiz
   writer: Ian Holland
   lettering: Mike Peters

   artist: Heintl
   writer: Alan Moore
   lettering: P Bensberg

   Tales From the Grave:
    The Undertaker

   artist: Jim Watson
   writer: Tom Tully
   lettering: Tim Skomski

   A Ghostly Tale


   Library of Death:
   At Death's Door

   artist: Cam Kennedy
   writer: Barry Tomlinson
   lettering: Mike Peters
   Terror of The Cats
   artist: Gonzalez
   writer: John Agee

   lettering: P Knight

   Fiends and Neighbours

Scream! Free Gifts
  #1 - Dracula Fangs
  #2 - Spooky Spider
  #3 - Wheel Of Fortune Booklet


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     we could ask for...
     26pigs also remind us of Scream!'s ghoulish content...

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