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"Angelina Ballerina: The Show Must Go On" (HIT Entertainment PLC)

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Angelina Ballerina:
  The Show Must Go On
( 2003)
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Grand Slamm
                     Children's Films
                     for HIT Entertainment

2D animation
      run time:

    Christmas is coming to Chipping Chedar, and once again Mr Operatski is putting
    together the cast of dancers for the annual musical. Angelina mouse is desperate
    to play the lead role in "Cinderella Mouse and the Ugly Whiskers". But what's this?
    Mr Operatski has given Priscilla the plum role instead. And what's more, Angelina
    has been saddled with the part of Wicked Stepmouse!
    Sensitive Angelina isn't one to hold her temper and she complains loudly about
    the casting to all and sundry. But the foolish girl lets her temper get the better of
    her and she quickly finds herself dismissed from the production altogether. Miss
    Lilly helpfully steps into to Angelina's shoes, but she in turn is unintentionally
    injured by the girl during a winter toboggan race and that puts the entire school
    production in jeopardy. What on earth is to de done? Will Angelina learn some
    humility and rectify her wrongdoings, or will she become the outcast of the school?
    What ever happens, the show must go on!

     Miss Lilly is injured in "The Show Must Go On" (HIT Entertainment PLC)

    Angelina gets the feature-length treatment here in her first video-special.
    There's not much one can add except to say that, if you love the series, then
    you'll no doubt love this production too. Both the series and film remain
    remarkably faithful to the original, with Helen Craig's artwork leaping,
    pirouetting, and even tobogganing, off the page and in to animated life
    thanks to the folks at HIT, Grand Slamm, and Varga Studios...



     2004 - British Animation Awards (BAA) - Best Animated Special


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The Show Must Go On on DVD

     UK DVD
Angelina Ballerina: The Show Must Go On
                Region 2 / HIT Entertainment / Oct 2003

     USA DVD
Angelina Ballerina: The Show Must Go On
                Region 1 / Lyons Group / Lyrick / Sept 2003


     a Grand Slamm Children's Films production
     for HIT Entertainment PLC


executive producer:


co-executive producer:

production manager:
production supervisor:

animation director:

character design:

head of production:

production assistants:

colour design:
technical supervisors:

background artists:

layout director:
layout artists:

title animation:


animation director:

production manager:
production assistants:

character supervisors:

colour checker:

background & colour

spfx software:
voice recording:
engineered by:
offline editor:

editing assistants:
sound post-prod:
edited and mixed by:
online post-prod:
colour grade:


Kitty Taylor
Ginger Gibbons

Madeleine Warburg

Colin Towns

Mellie Buse

based on the books by

Helen Craig and Katherine Holabird

HIT Entertainment

Angelina Ballerina developed

for television by Barbara Slade
Jocelyn Stevenson

Karen Davidsen
Laura Dimaio

Grand Slamm Childrens Films

David Greenaway

Jill Brooks

Margo Marchant

Betti Doherty, Hannah Griffiths
Tonia Thorne
David Thompson, Stephen Perkins
Kevin Molloy

Gunther Herbst, Ian Henderson,
Mike Hill

Jacques Gauthier

Nikolay Moustakov, Ben Lewis,
Michelle Dabbs, Chris Drew,
Christian Garland, Derek Porkovski

John Perkins, Ray Newman

animation colouring
to camera by Varga Studios

Andras Erkel, Kirsty Baillie
Alexander Lutkievich
Anca Moldoveanu, Andras Paulovics,
Annamari Toro,
Csilla Lajos,
Darko Tomcic, Erika Varga,
Falvius Patrascu, Ildiko Taborita,
Istvan Heim, Istvan Lakatos,
Iulian Grigoriu, Jonos Szabo,
Jozsef Csatai, Kansceva Kumanova Nevelina,
Kumanov Sztanimir, Laszlo Kiraly,
Laszlo Ujvary, Nikolay Dimitrov,
Peter Popdonev, Peter Pozsgai,
Sandor Palczu, Sorin Pintilii,
Tibor Huszak, Zoltan Velkey

Csaba Nehez
Liliana Grexa, Arabella Lauterbach,
Marina Toth
Evelina Daneva, Borjana Stefanova

Andrea Bogdan, Andrea Nagy,
Daniel Ivanyi,  Edina Piroth,
Eszter Fezler, Gabor Toth,
Gyongyi Molnar, Jozsef Erdei,
Kata Repa, Marta Takacs,
Miklos Papp, Nikoletta Papp,
Phillipe Reze, Raininger Dalibor,
Tibor Polgar, Timea Adamko,
Titusz Kovacs, Zsanett Kardos,
Zsuzsa Babszky,  Zsuzsa Hangya
Robert Popele
Beatrix Bogancs, Imrene Drugon,
Hajnalka Horvath, Istvan Balogh,
Jenone Percz, Judit Muller,
Melinda Doktor, Zoltan Herczeg,
Domanyikne Erszebet Vass

Maria Czegledi
Attila Szalma
Sandor Toreky

The Tape Gallery

Simon Capes

Corinne Lejeune

Sam Ives, Stuart Parmenter

Hackenbacker Studios London

Michael Fentum, Darren Banks

Blue Post Production

Katherine Grincell

Adam Grant

Finty Williams (Angelina)
Derek Jacobi (Mr Operatski)
Judi Dench (Miss Lilly)
Jo Wyatt
Jonell Elliot
Keith Wickham


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