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Shiver and Shake Holiday Special 1980
    Shiver and Shake
  Holiday Special 1980
   This 1980 Special features a tidy number of "Shiver and
   Shake" stars as well as guests from "Cor!!" and "Whoopee!"
   and more. Which is all well and good. However, for some
   inexplicable reason, we no longer have separate "Shiver"
   and "Shake" sections. Instead the strips are presented
   as one continuous comic, and that's a darned shame.
   Could you imagine the uproar if Fleetway had almagamated
   "Whizzer" with "Chips"? No, Sir. "Shiver" and "Shake"
   should always be seperate and distinct from one

   But in the end, the strips are all that matters, and they're
   still tops. There are a few surprises too. John Geering and
   Brian Walker bring us two distinctly different versions of
   "Frankie Stein", and Russell Brooke wades into those
   "Ghoul Getters" in place of Trevor Metcalfe. Thomas 
   Williams is busy too, bringing us "Horronation Street",
   "Ghouldilocks", and "The Duke's Spook" in place of their
   regular artists...

   But the biggest surprise can be found in the centre-page
   spread. It's a glorious full colour poster by Ken Reid, featuring
   a "Fright Seeing Tour of London". Ken's munsters are just
   as magnificent as ever
(you''ll find a scan of this in the
   pull-out poster section
) but they turn up completely unbilled.
   You'd have thought the publishers would be celebrating
   their inclusion on the cover...?

   Featured strips:                          Joke pages:
Blunderpuss                                 Mirth-Shakes
   The Chumpions

   The Desert Fox
                             Puzzles & games:
The Duke's Spook                         Monstermind
Frankie Stein
Freddie Fang                                Most appearances:
Ghoul Getters Ltd                         4 - Freddie Fang
   Ghouldilocks                                3 - The Chumpions
   Grimly Feendish                                Grimly Feendish
   Horrornation Street
   Lolly Pop

   'Orrible Hole

   Percy the Peacemaker

   Sports School
   Sweeny Toddler

   Wiz War  

   One-off wonder:
   What's Your Line?

   Adventure strips:

   Toby's Timepiece



  Shiver & Shake
  Holiday Special

  Facts & Figures

  Front cover:
  Shiver & Shake
  by Mike Lacey


  Cover price:


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