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British Movie Toons

    Bob bthe Builder: Snowed Under

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Bob the Builder:
   Snowed Under
  The Bobblesberg Winter Games

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producers: HOT Animation for HIT Enertainment
stop-motion animation
      run time: 53mins

"We're all good at different things,
    that's why we make a good team!"


What a calamity! - The Bobblesberg Winter Games are due to get underway
    very soon, but the special team assigned to build the courses is snowed under.
    Still, there's no need to panic because Bob the Builder and his friends just
    happen to be at Bobblesberg too. They're supposed to be building a log cabin
    for the visiting Mayoress of Bobsville, but now, as the clock counts down, and the
    competitors arrive for the big event (including Wendy, who's taking part in the
    skiing),they're racing to ramp up the ski jump, dig out the bobsleigh run and
    smooth over the ice rink in time for the opening ceremony...

Weighing in with one of the heaviest titles of all time, Bob the Builder's third
    feature-length outing focuses on teamwork, as Bob and his machines pitch in
  to help get those Winter Games up and running on schedule. And in particular,
    this is Scoop's story, as he's the one chosen to be temporary Team Leader.
    Nerves get the better of him, and his determination to see things through
    on his own drives a wedge through the team. Things get so bad, the gang
    end up calling each other names and going their separate ways. That's a
    new development for what is usually such a gentle show, and it's ruffled
    a few feathers in Bob's shiny preschool world, as several Amazon
    reviewers will atest!

    But one cranky machine aside, it's very much business as usual in film
    number three. There's a jolly side story with Spud and the cat, Pickles,
    who have wound up at Bobblesberg too. Spud finds himself sharing a room
    with Bob and he goes on to become a waiter at their B&B. Roley learns
    to yodel and Wendy winds up breaking records in the skiing. Star guests
    include Ulrika Jonsson as the games organiser, Jana von Strudel who is
    followed around town by Eli the yodelling goat. Kerry Fox plays the Australian
    hotelier Charlene, and sports commentators Sue Barker and John Motson
    appear in person to present coverage of the Winter Games. Plus, as always, 
    there are new machines. These come in the form of Bennie the snowcrane 
    and Zoomer the skibogan (although it must be said that young Zoomer is
    only a colour-change away from Scoot).

     Eli the yodelling goat!   Bob by candlelight  

    Presented in glorious widescreen format, "Snowed Under" is yet another
    triumphant toon movie from the HOT Animation team. There are so many
    incidental details to savour. During the ferry trip to Bobblesberg we get
    some beautifully simple foaming wave effects. Charlene's hotel has lots
    of Aussie adornments, and there are little fire signs and notices in Bob
    and Spud's room. Spud's bout of ecstatic bed bouncing is just great -
    especially when you step frame through it - he's got such a joie de vivre.
    And look, when Bob is having his midnight chat with Roley we even get
    to see little puffs of chilly Bob breath on the air. There are some magnificent
    long shots of Bobblesberg and its environs, too, and the town itself is a
    Norwegian wonder, complete with an Oompah band, and an automated
    town clock. And it's all been lit so beautifully, with lots of gentle mauves
    and snowy blues come the evening.

    But if you really want to pick a moment that sums up the magic of this
    movie, it's the sequence where Bob and Wendy are dining in Charlene's
    hotel. The two of them are lit by the most gorgeous, soft-hued candle
    light. They're just dining and eating until Spud shows up, but the set detail,
    and the characters' little movements as they eat is an absoloute delight.
It's what lifts the film to another level altogether, and it's why any
    folks who decry these preschool spin-offs unseen should be forced to
    watch them through. Seriously, folks, Bob's building a series of unmissable
    films for us to savour...


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     Snowed Under on DVD

     UK DVD
Bob the Builder: Snowed Under
                Region 2 / HIT Entertainment / Nov 2004

     USA DVD
Bob the Builder - Snowed Under
                Region 1 / Lyons / Lyrick / Sept 2004


     a HOT Animation Production
     for HIT Entertainment Plc

exec prod:

additional anim:

music composition
& orchestration:
recorded at:
script executive:
puppets & machines:


props master:

prod runners:
art director:
assistants to

the art director:

set dressing:


lighting camera:
camera assistant
and studio man:
camera assistant:

add camera asst:

editor & dub ed:
adl dubbing ed;
pre-prod editor:
asst to the editor:

voice recording

on line:

dubbing mixer:
head of global
production for HIT:
prod sup for HIT:
finance office:

PA to the producer:

personnel & admin
prod asst/continuity:
post-prod co-ord:
aasst line prod:

Sarah Ball
Jackie Cockle, Sarah Ball
Jocelyn Stevenson
Sarah Ball
Geoff Walker, Inge Van Wijngaarden,
Victor Georgiev, Charlie Hopkins,
Felix Pereira, Justin Exley
Jud Walton, Kev Walton,
Dan Sharp, Matt Smart,
Paul Couvela

Paul K Joyce
The Royal Philharmonic Ensemble
Phoenix Studios, London
Sam Barlow
Keith Chapman
Mackinnon & Saunders Ltd

Leigh Manning

Kristian Burdsall
The As and When Men
Geraldine Corrigan, Karen Betty
Nigel Place
John Kershaw, Stewart Hutcheon,
John Price, Darren Gillingham,
Charlotte Hopkins, Sharon Taylor,
James Taylor, Joseph Vettese,
Emma Duckworth, Gary Finlayson,
Tim Bailey, Pedram Nayeri
Machala Pochec, Jenny Hollinshead
Curtis Jobling
Barbara Biddulph

Chris Sievey, Tim Farrington
Debbie Tingle, Michele Pouncey,
Robin Jackson
Les Eaves, Benedict Lewis,
Clinton J Priest, Ellen Meske,
Vincent James
Iain Karim, Fred Reed

Paul Jones
Churton Season
Dick Dando, Ben Jones,
Dario Ciangherotti, Chris Lovegrove
Zyggy Markiewicz
Adam Taylor
Jane Hicks
Rob Francis, Mark Edwards,
Yvonne Davies

Wild Tracks Audio Studio
Richard Spooner
422 Manchester
Steve Shadforth, Andy Hunwick,
Gary Noden
Paul Harrison

Karen Davidsen
Laura Dimaio
Sarah McQuire, Julia Salt,
Joanne Bell
Sally Jellyman

Donna Myers
Terry Bane
Kate Nowakowski
Kathryn Gunn
Neil Morrissey (Bob)
Rob Rackstraw (Spud / Travis)
Kate Harbour (Wendy / Dizzy)
Ulrika Jonsson (Jana Von Strudel)
Kerry Fox (Charlene)
Sue Barker
John Motson
Emma Tate
Rupert Degas


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