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    Stan Still's Stopwatch
    Stan Still's Stopwatch
 Stan was a lucky chap. He had a nifty stopwatch which
    allowed him to stop time. He also had a handy surname,
    which enabled this strip to have a nifty title...

    We knew that Stan had pressed his stopwatch because
    a very large zigzag time-field-thingy would appear to
    tell us so. That zig-zagging thingy would then surround
    Stan's chosen item, and he could manipulate them
    at will. When he was finished, he'd simply press his
    stopwatch again and allow time to resume.

    Thus any number of Fleetway bullies could be thwarted,
    toffs put in their place, and items retrieved, etc.

    Now, a socially responsible fellow might have used this
    incredible gizmo to stop wars, assassinations and terrible
    accidents. Stan, though, preferred to save dinner platters
    from falling in the river and other such "tragic"

   Stan solves a problem...

    Of course, as any film geek can tell you, when you start
    meddling with time all sorts of anomalies arise. Stan's
    stopwatch hijinx offered up many. For starters, how was
    he able to get the watch to throw its time-field around
    selective people and objects? And what long-term effect
    did all these extra minutes in limbo have on the people
    he froze? And did it mean that he could, in effect,
    freeze folks permanently, to "reawaken" them in some
    later age. My goodnes, the watch could keep a person's
    life going for centuries. If they were reawoken for a
    day or two, every so often they could become long-term
    time travellers...

    Anomalies and queries aside, this was a short-running,
    but perfectly formed strip from artist Reg Parlett. And each
    would invariably end with our Stan, walking away swinging
    his watch like a Yo-yo, in a classic Parlett pose...

   Stan on his way...



  Stan Still's
  Facts & Figures

  1st appearances:

  Buster circa 1978

  Original artist:

  Reg Parlett


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