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It's A Puppet!


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Stingray           (1963-1964)
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producers: AP Films for ITC Worldwide
Supermarionation / string and
                       radio-controlled puppets

       episodes: 39 x 30mins

"Anything can happen in the next half hour!" 

    Captain Troy Tempest and George Lee Sheridan, aka "Phones", are the pilots of
    Stingray, a superior submarine ship employed by The World Aquanaut
    Security Patrol (WASP). The patrol has its headquarters
in Marineville, where
    Commander Sam Shore his daughter Atlanta and Sub-Lieutenant Fisher monitor
    the oceans of the world, and direct Stingray and its crew to deal with deadly
    danger and submarinal subterfuge in all its forms...

    Set in the year 2065ad, the premise assumes that there are a number of aquatic
    humanoid races lurking in the ocean depths. Amongst them are Titan, ruler of
    Titanica, and his silver-skinned agent X-2 Zero. Titan has made slaves of a race of
    Aquaphibians and is hell-bent on using them and anything and eveything else at
    his disposal to wreak revenge on Troy Tempest and Stingray after they dared to
    steal away his mute slave Marina. In reality, Troy and Phones saved this beautiful
    tail-less Mermaid - daughter of Aphony, ruler of Pacifica - from a miserable fate.
    Marina now assists the crew when required as Stingray traverses the oceans.
    She also harbours a secret passion for Troy Tempest; a passion shared by
    Atlanta, who's waiting for him back on dry land.

      W.A.S.P. - The World Aquanaut Security Patrol

    Gerry and Sylvia Anderson do it again. This is a gem of a series; sparkling with
    action and adventure. There's more than enough excitement, fantasy and drama
    shoehorned in to each half-hour to keep even the most attention-deficient viewer
    riveted. Okay, maybe the undersea kingdoms aspect has dated since those original
    broadcast days, but fantasy fans can take that in their stride without complaint.
    Troy's love triangle adds some endearing soap opera qualities to the action too.
    Frankly, it's a perfect tv package.

    "Stingray" was actually the first children's tv series to be filmed in colour. 
    Impressario producer Lew Grade had previously backed Gerry Andreson's
    "Supercar" and "Fireball XL5". He was so keen on Gerry's work he bought
    his company from him. "Stingray" was the first production made under the
    new ownership. It was filmed in a new studio on the trading estate in
    Slough, Berks. Old factory units were coverted in to sound stages by
    the production team, with the £75,000 invested by Mr. Grade.   
    "Stingray" has quite a progressive attitude towards disability. Commander Sam
    Shore has lost the use of his legs and he negotiates his way around Marineville
    on a motorised hoverchair. His disability never hampens his work, and is rarely
    referred to by his colleagues. Alas, though, some of that positivity is countered
    by the attitude towards Marina. She takes time to communicate through expressive
    hand gestures - akin to sign Language - but her disability still frustrates Troy.
    He even "sings" about his frustrations over the end credits of the show!   

   Stingray factoids

» The chiselled good looks of Troy Tempest were fashioned after those of
      Hollywood actor James Garner.

» Bug-eyed Agent X-2 Zero was based upon actor Claude Rains, whilst
      Titan has a hint of Laurence Olivier chiselled into his features.

   » In the episode "Ghost of the Sea" we learn how Sam Shore became disabled.
   » Marina has a pet seal called Oink. During an Arctic mission, he saves the
      crew and is adopted as the Stingray mascot.

   » The Aquaphibians traverse the oceans in fish-shaped craft called Terror Fish.

   » Titan bows to no one, except the fish god Teufel, who dwells in a tank in
      his thone room. Just as Roman Emperors would give prisoners and gladiators
      a "thumbs up" to save or deny them, so Teufel decides the fate of Titanica's
      foes by turning his back on them. Those rejected by him are carted away
      to the undersea prison of Aquatraz!


     Stingray - one heck of a ship

                      type: Mark III experimental craft
     time in service: 3 years
             top speed: 600 knots / Mark 4
     cruising speed: 400 knots
              armoury: 16 Sting Missiles
      power source: atomic generator
                             and twin Drumman hydrojets

     equipped with SVS - Surface Video Screen facility
     + 2 Aquasprites (underwater carriers)


    Stingray episodes

    1. Stingray                                     21. Tom Thumb Tempest
    2. Plant Of Doom                        22. Pink Ice
    3. Sea Of Oil                               23. The Master Plan
    4. Hostages Of The Deep             24. Star Of The East
    5. Treasure Down Below              25. An Echo Of Danger
    6. The Big Gun                             26. Invisible Enemy
    7. The Golden Sea                      27. Deep Heat
    8. The Ghost Ship                         28. In Search Of The Tajmanon
    9. Countdown                                29. Titan Goes Pop
    10.The Ghost Of The Sea           30. Set Sail For Adventure
    11. Emergency Marineville           31. Tune Of Danger
    12. Subterranean Sea                   32. Rescue From The Skies
    13. The Loch Ness Monster          33. The Cool Cavemen
    14. The Invaders                         34. A Nut For Marineville
    15. Secret Of The Giant Oyster    35. Trapped In The Depths
    16. Raptures Of The Deep           36. Eastern Eclipse

     17. Stand By For Action              37. A Christmas To Remember
    18. The Disappearing Ships          38. The Lighthouse Dwellers
    19. The Man From The Navy        39. Aquanaut Of The Year
    20. Marineville Traitor


     Further reading

     "The Complete Gerry Anderson: The Authorised Episode Guide"
      by Chris Bentley (Reynolds & Hearn 2003)

     by Dave Rogers (Boxtree 1992)


     Stingray on DVD

     UK DVD Stingray: The Complete Series box set

                Region 2 / 5 discs / Carlton / April 2001

     UK DVD Stingray: Vol. 1

                Region 2 / 7 eps / Carlton / April 2001

     UK DVD Stingray: Vol. 2

                Region 2 / 7 eps Carlton / April 2001

     UK DVD Stingray: Vol. 3

                Region 2 / 7 eps / Carlton / April 2001

     UK DVD Stingray: Vol. 4

                Region 2 / 9 eps / Carlton / April 2001

     UK DVD Stingray - Vol. 5
                Region 2 / 9 eps / Carlton / April 2001

    USA DVD Stingray: The Complete Series box set
                Region 1 / 5 discs / A&E Home Video / December 2002


    created by Gerry & Sylvia Anderson

    producer:          Gerry Anderson

    assoc prod:       Reg Hill
    writers:             Gerry Anderson, Sylvia Anderson,
                            Alan Fennell, Dennis Spooner
    directors:          Alan Pattillo, David Elliott,
                            Desmond Saunders, John Kelly
    d.o.p:                John Read
    spfx lighting:     Ted Wooldridge
    camera ops:      Jimmy Elliott, Julien Lugrin
    music:              Barry Gray
                            title music vocal by Gary Miller
    spfx dir:            Derek Meddings
    art director:       Bob Bell
John Blundall, John Brown, Wolfgang Manthey
     Christine Granville, Mary Turner
         Yvonne Hunter, Carolyn Turner
    wardobe:           Elizabeth Coleman
    editor:               David lane
    sound editor:     John Peverill
    dialogue ed:       Richard Best Jnr
    music ed:          Tony Lenny
    dialogue &
     character sup:
    Sylvia Anderson
    sound:               Maurice Askew, JohnTaylor
    voices:              Don Mason (Troy Tempest)
                            Robert Easton (Phones)
                            Lois Maxwell (Atlanta)
                            Ray Barrett (Sam Shore)

                            David Graham

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