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  Whizzer & Chips characters and strips...

 Myrtle, Boss and Fangs...Teech
    Strange Hill
    This was a ghoulish spoof of "Grange Hill", the mega-
    successful BBC school-based children's series. The strip
    starred the unfortunate Teech (above right), who was put
    in charge of a ghastly class of spooks and ghouls at this
    school for monsters. There was the vampire Fangs, Prof
    the mad professor, Myrtle, Winnie the witch, Boss the
    little devil, a huge gallumphing ogre, and a spook with a
    removable head. Even the Headmaster was in on the
    ghoulish fun. He was an insane, big stitched head

 Strange Hill's 'Head'...    Strange Hill Spook

    Just like their tv counterparts, the Strange Hill pupils
    were forever trying to dodge class, lampoon their elders
    and generally "ghoul" around. Naturally, this lent itself
    to lots of busy, boiled, happenings and it got 'em by the
    bucket-load, courtesy of Tom Paterson and later,
    M. Baxendale - Great grand devilish fun, was this...

    On the annuals front, Strange Hill enjoyed a seven year
    on/off run in the Whizzer & Chips editions between 1983
    and 1989, somehow skipping the 1986 and 1988 editions.
    The strip then reappeared in a Whoopee! Summer Special
    in 1993, and a BIG Comic Annual in 1994.

    Below is thumbnail of this spooky-cooky school...

Strange Hill - thumbnail leads to larger scan...



  Strange Hill
  Facts & Figures

  1st seen in:
  Whizzer & Chips
  circa 1981


  Whizzer & Chips
  1982-1985, 1987,

  Also seen in:
  BIG Comic
  Annual 1994
  Sum. Special 1993

  Original artist:
  Tom Paterson

  Other artists:
  M. Baxendale


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all characters and strips © Fleetway / IPC Magazines / F2006