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  Whizzer & Chips characters and strips...
    Super Dad   Son of Super Dad
    Super Dad
    If your Dad had superpowers you'd be dead chuffed,
    wouldn't you?

    Not so here. You see, this particular superhero directed
    his super powers fairly and squarely towards his wayward
    son. When e'er the lad was causing trouble (which was
    often) this ordinary spectacled Dad would don his bowler
    hat and spandex suit to become a youthful, daring, flying

    Super Dad would whizz back in time, or do something
    with his Super Skills to pay back the lad for his spiteful,
    bullying ways. The final panel would feature Ordinary Dad
    again, witnessing the boy's bedraggled return and teasing
    him with a snappy remark about events - a forerunner,
    if you please, to the one-liners so beloved of Arnold

    This was a fun take on the DC Comics' classic with
    Clark Kent and the Daily Planet replaced by a slipper
    wearing British 'Dad' who preferred to sit at home
    most of the day, reading The Mirror, rather than
    writing for it...

   'Normal' Dad berates his Son...

    Interesting that the strip only ever featured a father - be he
    Super or Ordinary - and we never saw nor heard of a Super
    Mum at home, or indeed, any Mum at all. Although a
    different Super Mum strip did eventually appear in the
    pages of Whoopee!. We were also never told the young
    lad's name. He was simply referred to as "that wayward
    son of mine", or "that pest" or "bully"...

    Super Dad arrived in the Chips section of Whizzer & Chips
    back in the Spring of 1970. He was dropped from the lineup
    some time in 1974 but, despite this, the character lived on
    for many more years in the Whizzer & Chips Annuals.
    Indeed, with just a couple of exceptions, he appeared
    regular as clockwork through to the 1990s.

    Super stuff, eh?



  Super Dad
  Facts & Figures

  1st appearances:

  Whizzer & Chips
  Spring 1970


  Whizzer & Chips
  1971 - 1983,
  1986, 1987, 1990

  Also seen in:

  Funny Fortnightly
  Annual 1991
  BIG Comic
  Annual 1993


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