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  Shiver & Shake characters and strips...
 Help! - It's Sweeny Toddler
    Sweeny Toddler

    Sweeny was a terrible toddler, who was always looking
    to cause destruction, chaos, mayhem and mischief. He
    would rampage around town with his pet pal, Henry Dog,
    but inevitably, his meddling would go awry, and he would
    end up at the mercy of his slipper-wielding mother
    or father...

   Sweeny and Daft Henry Dog...
    Sweeny was a true Fleetway star. He survived the premature
    demise of Shiver & Shake to become a Whoopee! favourite,
    and in time, moved on to the front cover of Whizzer & Chips,
    where he snaffled, snarled, pilched and pilfered in glorious
    full colour strips.

    Each panel was stuffed with mischief, witty asides, pongy
    socks, and mouldy aromas. There was a busy glee about the
    Sweeny's mischievous enterprises which the artists - and
    there were a few - seemed to relish. The enthusiasm
    vibrates in almost every panel...

    Tom Paterson!

    For many, the highlight of the Sweeny Years was that
    wild time around the mid-80's with Tom Paterson holding
    the pen, and mad Graham Exton scripting devilish tales
    starring Toddzilla, Sweeny Crockett, Robinson Sweeny
    and a whole host of twisted heroes and villains.

    Fans might want to read the Toonhound Q&A with Graham
    in which he details his working relationship with Tom, and
    helps dispell a few myths on the way...

Sweeny's Dad - Mad as hell!Pugh! - A pongy sock!


    Signs seen in Sweeny's garden

   "Tremble wiv feer - Sweeny livz heer!"
   "Lookout! Lookout! There's a toddler about!"
   "Beware of the toddler!"
   "Shake wiv fright, I'm the world's worst mite!"


    Sweeny Toddler: Cover Star

    Here are Sweeny's Annual cover appearances.

    Sweeny's furry fuzzy pal Henry Dog even got his own strip
    in Whoopee!'s 1987 Annual and our star surely broke new
    ground in 1990 when we got to see his bare, un-nappied
    bottom on the cover of the Whizzer & Chips annual!

   1980 - Whoopee!            1993 - Whizzer & Chips
   1986 - Whoopee!           
 1994 - Whizzer & Chips
   1990 - Whizzer & Chips      
   1991 - Whizzer & Chips
   1992 - Whoopee!
   1992 - Whizzer & Chips



  Facts & Figures

  Also known as:

  Help! - It's
  Sweeny Toddler


  Shiver & Shake
  10th Mar 1973 -
   5th Oct 1974
  12th Oct 1974 -
  31st Mar 1985
  Whizzer & Chips
  1st Apr 1985


  Shiver & Shake
  1974 - 1978
  1979 - 1987,
  Whizzer & Chips
  1988 - 1994

  Original artist:

  Leo Baxendale

  Other artists:

  Colin Whittock
  Tom Paterson
  Graham Exton


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