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  Cor!! characters and strips...

   Swopper Stan
    Swopper Stan
 Stan couldn't resist swopping everything and anything he
   could ever lay his hands on. He'd swop the smallest, most
   innocent thing for something bigger and better, swop that for
   something else, and swop again. Which meant that, by the
   end of the strip, he'd usually find himself with something far
   more ungainly, outsized, or off-kilter than his original item. 
   All these swops caused mayhem in his parent's house, and
   frequently, mass destruction of various people's property...

   You could never buy this lad a decent birthday or Christmas
   pressie, 'cos you knew he'd only go and swop it. He was
   obviously suffering from attention problems, but no diagnosis
   was ever given. Blame could also be apportioned to the various
   adults he ended up swopping things with. I mean, if a kid wanted
   to swop you a loan of your JCB for a quick cuppa you'd decline
   the offer, wouldn't you?

      Stan in 'swopping' mode!
   Stan was a Cor!! comic regular for nearly three years, featuring
   through to April 1973 when hias strip was swopped for the
   10 Cor-medy Choice strips....



  Swopper Stan
  Facts & Figures

  1st seen in:

  Cor!! circa 1971



  14th April 1973


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