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The Great British Toon Movie Guide
     Tank Girl quad movie poster

   Tank Girl      (1994)

ducers: United Artists / Trilogy Ent.
      director: Rachel Talalay
      starring: Lori Petty, Ice-T,
                    Naomi Watts, Malcolm McDowell
     run time: 94 mins

 "In the future, the odds of survival are 1000 to 1.
   That's just the way she likes it..."

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    In an apocalyptic future, the Earth is struck by a meteor and reduced to a
    wasteland. Now an all-powerful mega-corporation known as Water & Power
    controls its remaining liquid assets. They also happen to have incarcerated
    Tank Girl. Tank Girl is a colourful maverick, a wild child on a mission to drop-kick
    authority in to the nether regions whenever she can. Whilst in captivity, Tank Girl
    makes a new best friend out of a fellow prisoner called Jet Girl. The girls
    subsequently break out together and steal a tank and jet plane, as befits their
    names, and with Water & Power's CEO Keslee in hot pursuit, they and a gang
    of misfits and mutant kangaroos take on the might of the corporation...

    Translating Tank Girl to the big screen was always going to be tough. Alan
    Martin and Jamie Hewlett's original strips were/are stuffed with attitude, in-jokes
    and playground posturing. But the film seeks broader appeal, and as a
    consequence the edge has gone. Thus we have Lori Petty acquitting herself
    quite well in the title role and there's lots of colour and sneer, but there's no
    swearing or kangaroo sex - no abbrasiveness. We're left with a loud and
    shouty film that some good moments, and a "ripper" soundtrack, but isn't as
    rebellious as it wants to be, and is always shooting wide of its target.

    "Tank Girl" cost $25m to produce, but alas, only kicked up $4m at the US
    box-office. It has, however, found a video following amongst keen teens with
    an "attitude"
. And actually, it works a tad better at home, with a bottle of beer
    and a remote in your hands - if you're in the right mood...

    "Tank Girl"s mutant kangaroos - or Rippers, as they're known - were designed
      by Stan Winston, he of "Terminator" and "Jurassic Park" fame.

    The movie was originally set to star Emily Lloyd, but she pulled out just before
      filming began. She was reported as being reluctant to shave her head.

    "Tank Girl" features one very real wild child, rocker Iggy Pop, who plays the
      character of Rat Face.

     Viewers should brace themselves for a show-stopping Cole Porter number,
       shoehorned in to proceedings. It comes complete with high-kicking showgirls!


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     Tank Girl (the comic)   


     Tank Girl on DVD

     UK DVD  Tank Girl 
                 Region 2 / film + trailer / MGM / June 2001

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    director:          Rachel Talalay
    producers:     Richard B Lewis, Pen Densham, John Watson
    exec prods:   Tom Astor, Aron Warner
    screenplay:   Ted Sarafian
    music:           Graeme Revell
    d.o.p:            Gale Tattersall
    editor:           James R Symons
    prod design:   Catherine Hardwicke
     designed by:
  Stan Winston
    starring:         Lori Petty (Tank Girl)
                         Ice-T (T-Saint)
                         Naomi Watts (Jet Girl)
                         Malcolm McDowell (Kesslee)
                         Don Harvey (Sgt Small)
                         Reg E Cathey (Deetee)
                         Scott Coffey (Donner)
                         Jeff Kober (Booga)
                         Stacy Linn Ransower (Sam)
                         Ann Cusack (Sub Girl)
                         Brian Wimmer (Richard)
                         Iggy Pop (Rat Face)

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