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British Comic Strips

Tank Girl

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Tank Girl
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                     creators:  Alan Martin, Jamie Hewlett
   other artists/writers:  Peter Milligan, Andy Pritchett,
                                    Alan Grant, Phillip Bond,
                                    Ashley Wood, Rufus Dayglo,
                                    Mike McMahon
                     first-run:  1988 - 1996
                second-run:  2007 -



   Tank Girl is a butt-kicking, no-nonsense hero. She's a former tank driver from
   Australia, she's packed with attitude and holds no regard for authority, in any
   shape or form. Her companions in rebellion include Jet Girl and Sub Girl, a
   half-human kangaroo boyfriend called Booga, and chain-smoking Stevie. She
   also has a soft spot for her teddy bear, Camp Koala.

   This raucous star was created by Alan Martin and Jamie Hewlett, and she first
   appeared in the pages of "Deadline" in 1988. In the beginning, strips were based
   in Tank Girl's homeland of Australia, but she soon took a hike around the globe to
   the UK, before wandering home - via America - around the time of the movie
   The rebel attitude extends through the star to its creators, who continued to 
   change, tweak and tinker with the characters and plots as they deemed fit at
   the time. This means that the original strips don't always have a proper conclusion,
   or timeline, or even mantain the same character design. But - hey - what's it
   to you, anyway?

   The important thing here is that afore-mentioned attitude, and Tank Girl and
   her gang have stacks of it. Jamie Hewlett's original panels were stuffed with action
   and events, and simply dripped with street-cred. Tank Girl quickly became a
   pin-up queen for rowdy teens, and the various graphic novel compilations meant
   her popularity spread to the States - where they fell for her posturing, even if
   they weren't always sure what it meant.

   In 1995, director Rachel Talalay brought us that live-action movie which tried very
   hard to rebel, but ultimately succumbed to the Curse of Hollywood and
   subsequently, Tank Girl's star appeared to have waned. But she continued
   to punch her way out of numerous teen T-shirts and to posture on several popular
   anthology covers and, in June 2007, she found a new home at IDW Publishing.
   Alan Martin teamed up with Ashley Wood and Rufus Dayglo to bring us
   "Tank Girl: The Gifting", before that old gal leapt into a whole bunch of new
   episodes published in Judge Dredd Megzine. Mike McMahon has since teamed
   with Martin to bring us "Tank Girl: Carioca", and we've also had IDW's
   "Visions of Booga", the first Tank Girl novel, and ... well... it seems that
   comicdom just can't get enough of this rebellious gal!


     Tank Girl: comics and mags

    1988/94 - Deadline Magazine
                  49 appearances in 69 issues

    1995/6 - Tank Girl Magazine (Manga) 8 monthly issues

    1991 - Tank Girl (Dark Horse) 4 issue series
    1993 - Tank Girl 2 (Dark Horse) 4 issue series

    1995 - Tank Girl: The Odyssey (Vertigo) 4 issue series
    1995/6 - Tank Girl: Apocalypse (Vertigo)  4 issue series

    2007 - Tank Girl: The Gifting (IDW) 4 issues
    2008 - Tank Girl: Skidmarks (Judge Dredd Megazine) 12 issues
    2008 - Tank Girl: Visions of Booga (IDW) 4 issues
    2009 - Tank Girl: The Royal Escape (IDW) 4 issues

    Tank Girl: graphic novels

    Tank Girl 1 (Dark Horse)   
Tank Girl: The Odyssey (Vertigo/Manga)
    Tank Girl 2 (Dark Horse)  
Tank Girl: Apocalypse (Vertigo/Manga)
    Tank Girl 3 (Dark Horse)  

    The Cream of Tank Girl

    Tank Girl: The Gifting
    Tank Girl: Visions of Booga
    Tank Girl: Carioca

    Tank Girl: novels

    Tank Girl: Armadillo! and a Bushel of Other Stories (Titan Books)

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