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   The Clangers get their own step-by-step book!
   Clang One, Purl Two   (20.08.12

   Want to make your very own set of home-made Clangers? - Well,
   now you can, thanks to this natty new book...

  "The Clangers: Make the Clangers and Their Planet with 15 Easy Step-by-step Projects" from Anova Books - buy yours now from!

   The Clangers: Make the Clangers and Their Planet with 15 Easy
   Step-by-step Projects (Carol Meldrum / Anova Books) does exactly
   what it says in its protracted title and provides us with a series of
   guides so you can make your very own set of pink moon mice, 
   and more. Here's the publisher's spiel:

  "This fantastic new book will allow you to knit your
   own Clanger. Choose from Major, Mother, Granny,
   Small and Tiny. Also includes instructions on making
   the friends of the Clangers the Soup Dragon, Iron
   Chicken and of course the Froglets. There are insider
   tips and tricks to create your very own Clanger planet
   with step-by-step instructions for Tiny's boat and
   Major's rocket as well as sets and trees. Learn how
   to make scenery, backdrops and props, and perfect
   that distinctive Clanger whistle!"

   And you know, there's something completely appropriate about
   this, given how the original series was such a homemade creation
   itself, with Oliver Postgate and Peter Firmin fashioning their
   puppets and sets in that old Kentish cowshed.

   "The Clangers" have an enduring appeal, don't they? - They are
   simple space creatures, eking out a charmed existence on their
   distant moon, away from the 24hr pace of our modern world,
   far removed from the Internet, Wi-Fi and multichannel television.
   And when our technology intrudes upon their little realm, they
   are bemused by its prescence. They flirt with it only for the very 
   shortest of time before rejecting it, or finding a far more appropriate
   use for it, away from their moon...

   Hmm. Now that we're thinking about it, you might argue that
   the Clangers would probably reject this book too. It would be just
   one more unnecessary thing to them. And worse, it's a thing that
   begets even more unnecessary things with which to clutter up the
   world. But Clangers fans will find this book very necessary
                                                     More: The Clangers


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