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   Robin Lyons: Skills Mentor (image coutsey Skills Mentors)
   Skillful books    (27.08.12

   So, you've got an animated idea that's going to set the world on 
   fire. You're all wound up, ready to jump through that commissioning
   door, and you just know the folks inside are going to bite your
   hand off. Why, in no time at all you'll have a multi-award-winning
   series airing worldwide, and licensing firms queuing up to market
   your red hot new "brand"...

   Well, keep dreaming. But whilst you're doing that, you can do
   something practical as well. Take a deep breathe, step back, and
   heed board some invaluable advice from someone who's been
   there and done that himself, many times over.

   That person is producer-creator-writer Robin Lyons (SuperTed,
   Hana’s Helpline, Igam Ogam), and his new ebook "The Ten
of Pitching" is the first of a number of
   downloadable publications from a company called Skills Mentors.
   They're going to be focusing upon so-called "soft-skills" within the
   creative industries, including animation, and Robin's book presents
   us with everything we need to get an animated project in the right 
   place, ready for a commission. Of course, he's not guaranteeing
   your project will get a greenlight. No one can do that. But he's
   passing on some very sound and sage step-by-step advice,
   and if you take on board what he says, you should find yourself
   armed and ready with a finely-honed proposal that's set up for
   success, if the planets align.

   Here's the official spiel:

   The Ten Commandments of Pitching
   by Robin Lyons

   "Ten simple rules about the etiquette of pitching.
    This is not about what you pitch, but how you pitch.
    Robin Lyons has spent thirty years producing animation
    and children’s programming for film and television.
    In this new book, aimed at students and practitioners
    in animation and television, he shares his experiences,
    both good and bad, and explains that getting a creative
    project off the ground is not just about having a good
    idea, but also about relationships. This practical advice
    by an industry professional will help you consider and
    refine your own approach to pitching in a business
    environment where buyers can be both receptive and
    difficult in equal measure. Students of Animation or
    other subjects in the Creative Industries will find the
    advice useful in their Professional Practice studies.
    Equally, employees working in industry can use the
    practical tips to improve their 'soft skills' for real
    commercial Pitch scenarios...

   Robin's erstwhile colleague, Robin Offiler is also writing for
   Skillls Mentors. He's putting together "Instant Ideas: Just
  Add You!
" in which he looks at ways to get your head in the
   right place to get the ideas flowing - which sounds like another
   essential download for budding creatives.

   "The Ten Commandments of Pitching" is available for
   download right now, at iTunes. And for more information on
   Skills Mentors, and what they've got in the pipeline, you should
   head over to their official web site....
                                                     More: Skills Mentors


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