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   "The Amazing Adventures of Morph" (Aardman Animation)
   Morph & Chas!    (24.09.12

What's this? - Another article about Robert Harrop Designs?
   Didn't we just do one of them?

   Well, erm, yes. But The Hound's not going to make any excuses
   for it, because it's pertinent and timely. Pertinent, because it's all
   about Morph, Aardman Animation's very first plasticene star, and
   his deceitful alter ego Chas. And timely, because the first of these
   exclusive figures is only available for the next seven-six-five-four-
   three-two-one days...

   So - Knock!-Knock! - this is your wake-up call. If you want
   to get your paws on Morph, you have to move fast!

   Here's the deal. Over the last couple of years, the fine folks at
   Robert Harrop Designs have introduced a new type of figurine to
   their already lovely catalogue of collectables. They're time-limited
   pieces, and they're only available for pre-order for just a limited few
   weeks, directly through the studio. Once the cut-off date is reached,
   the door slams shut and the Harrop artisans scurry off and produce
   a run of figures precisely matching the number of pre-orders - not
   one more, or less. And we happy purchasers get our paws on a
   super-special, super-limited piece, accompanied by its own mini
   certificate of authenticity to show to our envious friends who
   missed out.

   Time Limited Morph - exclusive to Robert Harrop Designs!

   So here's time-limited Morph. This fabulous figure has surely just
   climbed out of Tony Hart's pencil box to give us a wave. What's
   particularly appealing here is his size. He's stands 5.7" tall,
   including his base, so he's a life-size replica, isn't he? Now you
   can have your very own Morph, for keeps. If you're quick enough,
   that is, because The Hound has been unforgivably slow to report
   on this release. Morph's time-limited cutoff date in less than a
   week away, on 1st October 2012, so there's no dallying. If you
   want him, place your order right now!

   And if you're ordering Morph, you should also consider his white
   clay companion Chas. You've got a bit longer for him, thankfully.
   His time-limited cutoff point is 1st November 2012. And how
   super is it to see his frowning form. Chas gets short-shrift in the
   licensing world, doesn't he? We've had a whole plethora of Morph
   related items produced over the years. But Chas always misses
   out. And Grandmorph, and Delilah and Gillespie and the rest.
   How cool would it be to see these characters getting a share of
   the spotlight, eventually?

   Well, let's not run away with ourselves. Let us, instead, celebrate
   that irascible mini-man Morph. There's something so Adam-like in
   his construction... this crude little man, fashioned out of clay...
   designed by economy, originally, because clothes would have
   been far too fiddly and costly to animate. Even the choice of
   plasticene was simply down to the ready availability of that earthy
   clay colour... The Harrop team have got him just right, in that famous
   smiley pose. And one imagines that was pretty tricky, because
   the character's "clean" design leaves no room for error... So don't
   err yourself, get your orders in now:

   Exclusive Time Limited Edition Morph
   Exclusive Time Limited Edition Chas

   or both together:

   Morph & Chas Time Limited Editions

   So yes, The Hound is raving about Robert Harrop Designs again.
   But with figures this good in their ever-expanding catalogue, that
   can surely be excused. There are web sites everywhere celebrating
   the brilliance of Sideshow Collectibles, Weta and Gentle Giant.
   Once or twice in a while, it's good and right and necessary to
   celebrate our own homegrown studio, isn't it?

                                                      More: Robert Harrop Designs


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