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   Robert Harrop - unboxed!
   Time Limited Morph - Unboxed!   (05.10.12

   You may recall The Hound trumpeting a forthcoming figure from
   Robert Harrop Designs, the other day. Aardman Animations' very
   first claymation star Morph was going to be released as a Time
   Limited edition. That is to say, this piece was only going to be
   made available for pre-order for a very restricted time, direct from
   the Harrop web site, and if you missed the cutoff point - tough -
   you'd miss out:

   Exclusive Time Limited Edition Morph
   Exclusive Time Limited Edition Chas

   Well... It looks like things have changed just a little, because
   if you click that first link above you'll see the Harrop web site is now
   stating that Morph is going to be available for a wee while longer
   than originally planned. In fact, both he and his pal, chucklesome
   Chas, now share a revised end date of 1st November 2012. Sure,
   the rules have been bent a little here, but business is business,
   and when you've gone out on a limb to acquire a license, you've
   got to get out there and sell your finished piece and recoup your
   outlay... Darnit, we all want to see these things sell like hotcakes,
   so's we can keep on getting more Harrop figures... So if you've been
   hovering over this one, undecided, now seems like the perfect time
   to help you along.

   You see, The Hound has already taken the plunge on your behalf.
   He's clicked and ordered and he's just taken delivery of his very
   first Time Limited edition from his favourite figuriners. And if that's
   not a real word, well, it should be. 'Cos Robert Harrop Designs
   make figures, and they make 'em better than anyone else here
   in the UK.

   Anywho, let's get back to Morph, because he really is quite
   wonderful, as you'll see when we unbox him!

   Morph's box  Morph's certificate

  Bigger ranges usually have their own Harrop boxes and colour
  schemes. But Morph is a special release, so he gets a generic
  box. Even so, it's a stylish thing. That racing green logo looks very
  smart on the cream background...

  Now, most Harrop figures tend to come in shaped polystyrene cases.
  But this is a teeny-tiny run item so our figure is instead rolled up in a
  long length of bubble wrap It's well protected, anyway, so this collector
  has no complaints....

  And what's this in our second photo? - It's our mini certificate, signed
  by Mr. Harrop himself. And take a good look there. The Hound's Morph
  is currently number 32. Just 32 Morph's have been struck, prior to
  mine? - That's insane!

  Morph's base and edition number  Morph in hand

  You want more proof of your edition number? - There's a sticker on
  the box lid. And, even more, there's one on the base of the figure too.
  So you're numbered up here, three times...

  But you don't want numbers. You want a figure. So there he is on the
  right. Morph, in The Hound's real-life paws. Perfectly formed at 5.7" tall,
  including his base. The Harrop team really have sculpted him just right.
  Morph's clean lines are deceptively difficult to capture. It would be
  all-too easy to go off-model with this. But Harrop have nailed the
  character. And his clay colour too. Again, you've got to get the right
  Pantone number here. Morph's colour is so precise. He's everyday
  modeling clay colour, never too orange, never too brown. Mind you,
  he's a bugger to photograph, given how his skin colour reacts to the
  light. Here's a decent shot, though:

   Morph on display

  You know, we've said this before, but the great thing about this
  particular edition is that Morph is just about to scale. He weighs
  pretty much as you'd expect too, so it's like you really are holding
  the original stop-motion character in your hands. That's such a
  pleasurable feeling, when you add it to the super-low limited edition
  nature of the piece - well - it's another first class addition to an
  amazing range of figures from Robert Harrop. With future-value too,
  one suspects, so don't dawdle, check out those links. I'll be
  going there myself, soon enough, because it looks like Chas will
  be just as good. And - hey - Morph likes company, doesn't he?

  That's Morph, then. Here and brilliant. And if you like what you're
  seeing and reading, give us some feedback, we can make this kind
  of test-driving a semi-regular thing. We can expand things, add more
  info and photos. The Hound's always buying stuff, and he's always
  happy to share!...

                                                    More: Robert Harrop Designs



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