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  Whoopee! characters and strips...

   Thumpty Dumpty
    Thumpty Dumpty
    This chap was a spin on the old nursery ryhme classic:
    Humpty Dumpty with fists, if you will. He was always hitting,
    crunching and bashing everything, and if things didn't go
    his way he'd thump the nearest object within reach.

    Thumpty's vanadalous reputation preceded him and he
    was constantly being avoided by his school chums and
    associates. But don't get the wrong end of the stick,
    Thumpty wasn't mean-spirited. He was simply over- 
    boisterous. Folks tried to contain him, but all attempts
    to harness his strength seemed to backfire, as the
    fists would fly once more...

    Thumpty thumping!

    Today, Thumpty's behavioural problems would lead to
    exclusion from school, and most probably an ASBO.
    He'd be given a dietician to improve his intake and reduce
    those e-numbers. But then we wouldn't have this terrific
    fun strip. 'Cos when Thumpty let loose, each panel was
    awash with radiating action lines, and BIG BOOMING
    lettering, courtesy of artist Bob Hill...

   Thumping stuff!



  Facts & Figures

  1st appearance:

  26th June 1976

  1st annual

  Whoopee! 1978

  Original artist:

  Bob Hill

  Tag line:

  "He's a big hit!"


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