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  Whoopee! characters and strips...
Toy Boy
    Toy Boy
    Toy Boy was a boy who liked toys. Simple as that. He
    was just your regular knockabout kid, in shorts and a
    sweater with a big letter "T" on the front. And he loved
    his toy cars, and his trains, and his catapaults, and his
    soldiers, and his model planes, and his cowboys and
    indians too. And jokesters be aware, the only older woman
    in his life was his long-suffering Mum, who together with
    his balding Dad, had to put up with a house that was
    forever busting at the seams with their son's playthings.

    Toy Boy would regularly buzz, bother and annoy his
    parents with his latest infatuation. But, just as regularly,
    his new toy fad would help to save the day. It would help
    unearth a lost item, to foil a bully or thwart a thief. Our
    playful lad could be quite inventive too. If there wasn't a
    shiny new toy to hand, he'd simply make one out of
    discarded junk - Oh yes, he wasn't one to just sit around
    moping and whining...

    Toy Boy's Mum & Dad
Toy Boy title

    In other words, Toy Boy was just your typical, everday
    Fleetway strip creation and he ticked every box on the list
    of Fleetway themes. There were no magic gizmos or
    munster-types to tickle us with. He was just a boy with
    a fad. But he was a bona fide Fleetway star, appearing in
    "Whoopee!" comic from its inception to its closure.
    Toy Boy became a weekly cover star, too, during the
    comic's first founding months. And what's more, he and
    his family moved on with the times. Toy Boy progressed
    from model kits and forts to trendy game consoles,
    don't you know. And his Dad shaved off his moustache,
    around 1980. Toy Boy had an on/off love affair with the local
    constabulary. And somewhere on his journey he gained
    a semi-regular friend called Curly Tompkins who joined
    in a great many of his games...

    In an effort to keep the strip interesting, our lad was
    prone to dressing up in crazy homemade costumes.
    He played rootin' tootin' cowboy and whooping indians,
    zappy spacemen and rampaging dinosaurs.

    But one thing that never seemed to change was the talent
    behind this top toon. Almost all of Toy Boy's strips were
    drawn by Terry Bave, and regularly co-written by his wife
    Sheila. Mind you, here's a little curio:

    Toy Boy as drawn by Dick Millington

    It's Dick Millington's take on the character, and it
    features in the 1979 "Whoopee!" annual..

    Name that boy

    In "Whoopee!" #2, we learn that Toy Boy's Mum is called
    Doris. As for Toy Boy himself, well, his real name doesn't
    appear to have been mentioned anywhere during those
    Fleetway years... unless you know better...?



  Toy Boy
  Facts & Figures

  1st appearance:
Whoopee! #1
  4th March 1974


artists & writers:
Terry Bave

Sheila Bave

  cover star:

  Annual 1982


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