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British Comic Strips
      "Tozo: The Public Servant" by David O'Connell - first issue cover

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  The Public Servant

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David O'Connell
   publisher: Mutantman Press
  first issue:
October 2007
                   Five-issue story


   Detective Inspector Tozo is a public servant on the fictional island city-state
   of Nova Venecia. When he's called upon to investigate a suspicious murder in the
   city's Financial Exchange, our straight-laced hero soon finds himself entangled
   in a deadly web of political intrigue and religious conspiracy that looks set
   to pitch the State towards all-out war

   David O'Connell's self-published creation is taking its time to reach us. It's a
   labour of love for him, and he's putting it together as and when his other
   work committments will allow. But our patience is being rewarded in spades.
   David has fashioned "Tozo" in the clean-line ligne claire style that has proven
   so popular on the Continent (see TintinBlake & Mortimer, or Papyrus, for
   starters) and Nova Venecia looks fabulous. It's a Future-Rennaissance
   realm - a futurific Venice, as it's name implies. Buzzing past its grand
   facades are sleek gold hover bikes, and there are bearded professors
   designing mecha-golems and strange robotics behind its high doors.
   There are also several factions vieing for power in the shadows.
   The city's Doge (leader) is wrestling with the machinations of the Golden
   Rebellion, the Ombra Society, a cruel Papal Pontiff, and the over-arching
   enemy that is the evil Spider Empire. As for poor Tozo, well, he's just a
   pawn in a complex game of political chess. Can he turn the tables on
   these gameplayers in time to clear his name and save the day?

   "Tozo: The Public Servant" by David O'Connell - covers for issues two, three and four

   The adventure is being told in five chapters, and each has made its
   first appearance online in (mostly) three panel premieres, every Sunday,
   at the author's web site before being collected into pamphlet editions. Four
   chapters have been premiered and published in this fashion since the
   project was launched in 2007. David has created
terrific new
   historical appendices, guides, side-info and schematics for these, so
here's plenty of new material to sink your teeth into, even if you've kept
   up to date with the progress online. Plus, customers buying these comics
   at the Tozo store currently receive a free Tozo sketch with their orders
   as well - top stuff, eh?

      Tozo and his mecha-golem pal Klikker -  original artwork drawn for Toonhound by David O'Connell!


     On the web

Tozo Comic

     The official site, with weekly updates, info, comics for sale and more...    


     David's excellent, informative blog...

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