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  Whoopee! characters and strips...

    Trevor and his Treasure Tracker
    Trevor's Treasure Tracker
Back in the early 70s, those new-fangled metal detectors
    were all the rage, with their huge earphones and "bleep-
    bleeping" signal. Trevor had one and needless to say,
    he was soon out in the fields and parks unearthing
    stolen goods, or lost keys, etc...

    In his first appearance, we see Trevor building his new tracker
    from scratch before testing it in the garden with little success.
    But a chance encounter with a manhole, and a swag-swinging
    Burglar hidden beneath it secures a healthy reward for our
    Trevor. And that's it, he's bitten by the treasure bug.
    Wherever he goes, his tracker goes too...

Trevor goes treasure tracking!

    Of course, you couldn't do all that now. You'd have to depict
    Trevor asking permission before tracking over a farmer's land.
    His finds would have to be donated to the local museum.
    He'd be chastised for wearing muffling headphones in a
    built up area, and he wouldn't be able to hop off into the
    country, either, because kids aren't allowed out in the
    wilds like that nowadays...

    Trevor was a latecomer to the Whoopee! Hall of Fame, being
    introduced in issue 15. And sadly, he didn't last long, 'cos
    dropped from the comic when it merged with Shiver & Shake
    just a few short months later. The strip also didn't last long
    in the annuals. Its last appearance appears to be in the
    1978 edition - unless someone's unearthed him elsewhere?



  Facts & Figures

  1st appearance:

  Whoopee! #15
  15th June 1974


  1975 - 1978

  Original artist:

  Terry Bave

  Often quoted:



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