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British TV series

Watership Down - The Series


   producers: Alltime / DECODE / Nepenthe
                     Canal Famile / Funbag /
                     Helix / YTV
2D animation
     episodes: 39 x 20mins (3 series)


   Twenty years after the feature-length adaptation of Richard Adams' best-seller, 
   we return to the South Downs to retell the story of the rabbits of Watership Down.
   The naturalism may not the same, and the blood and thunder has been toned down.
   But the spirit of the s
ource material is still there, once you dig past its teatime
   exterior, and the rabbits' spiritual beliefs are also still present in the form of
   The Black Rabbit of Inle, Flayrah, and more...

   The soundtrack is strong, with a title theme from Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber
   and voices from Dawn French, Rik Mayall, Stephen Fry, Jane Horrocks and even
   Phil Jupitus. Keifer Sutherland also "guests" in three episodes as a rabbit called
   Hickory. Listen out too for John Hurt and Richard Briers voicing General Woundwort
   and Captain Broom. Hurt and Briers played Hazel and Fiver in the original feature
   adaptation. Another returnee is composer Mike Batt who gave us Art Garfunkel's
   chart-topping Bright Eyes single. That song returns here too, with ex-BoyZone
   singer Stephen Gately on the vocals.

   Do look out for poor Blackberry who has undergone a sex-change from a buck
   in the original novel and film, to a doe in this latest production!

   Three series of "Watership Down" were produced, but only two have ever
   been broadcast in the UK and even then the episodes were shown out of order,
   whilst others were dropped altogether - infuriating fans and noncommittal
   viewers alike, as it made nonsense of the storyline.

   Others may have followed in Richard Adams' wake, most notably those
   Duncton Wood badgers and Colin Dann's Animals Of Farthing Wood, but
   the rabbits of Watership Down will always be the first and best, and this
   series is a useful way to introduce young viewers to the inhabitants
   of that extraordinary warren...

    Watership Down - How the rabbit got his tail...


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    Watership Down (feature)


     Episode titles

    Series one                      Series two
    The Promised Land            Prisoner Of Efrafa
    Home On The Down           The Roundabout
The Easy Life                   The Market
    Strawberry Fayre              The Great Water
    The Shadow of Efrafa        The Stand
    The Raid                         The Orchard
    Challenge To Efrafa           The Great Game        
    Escape From Efrafa           Christmas On Watership Down - pt1
    The Vision                       Christmas On Watership Down - pt2
    A Tale Of A Mouse            The Mysterious Visitors
    Lost                               The Invasion
    Friend And Enemy             Bigwig's Way
    Kidnapped                       The Homecoming

    Series three
    Campion Lives
    Woundwort Never Gives Up
    The Wanderer
    The Challenge
    Woundwort in the Trap
    Keehar's Departure
    Redstone Falls
    An Unfair Duel
    The Spy
    Camipion's Betrayal
    Hannah's Big Achievement
    The Last Battle


     UK DVD    Watership Down on DVD

    Volume 1 - The Promised Land  
     3 episodes / R2 / Right Entertainment / July 2004 

Volume 2 - Strawberry Fayre
     3 episodes / R2 / Right Entertainment /August 2004 

Volume 3 - A Tale of a Mouse
     3 episodes / R2 / Right Entertainment / February 2005 

Volume 4 - The Prisoner of Efrafa
     3 episodes / R2 / Right Entertainment / April 2005 

Volume 5 - The Great Water
     3 episodes / R2 / Right Entertainment / August 2005 

Watership Down - triple collection
     volumes 1, 2, and 3 in one slipcase set. / April 2005


    from the novel by Richard Adams

    production companies:
    Alltime Entertainment Ltd., Canal Famille , Decode Entertainment ,
    Funbag Animation Studios Inc.[Ca] , Helix Animation Inc.[Ca] , YTV[Ca]
    director:       Troy Sullivan
    producer:      Martin Rosen , Beth Stevenson , Simon Vaughad
    exec prods:   Justin Bodle , Neil Court , Steven DeNure ,
                        Simon Vaughad
    exec story
          Mary Crawford
    music:          Andrew Lloyd Webber (title)
                        Mike Batt (Bright Eyes song)
    editing:         Martin Jefferson
    voices:            Ian Shaw (Hazel) 
                        Andrew Falvey (Fiver)
                        Stephen Mangan (Bigwig)
                        Sue Elliott Nicholls (Blackberry)
                        Elliott Henderson-Boyle (Pipkin)
                        Kate Ashfield (Primrose)
                        Jane Horrocks (Hannah)
                        Richard Briers (Captain Broom)
                        Dawn French (Buttercup)
                        Phil Jupitus (Dandelion)
                        Stephen Gately (Blackavar)
                        Rik Mayall (Kehaar)
                        John Hurt (General Woundwort)
                        Stephen Fry (Cowslip)

                        + Keifer Sutherland (Hickory)


      On the web

Thank U Stars

      A first class fan-site, taking its name from the Cerys Matthews song.
      Stuffed-to-bursting with info on the series, guides, news, clips, WAVs
      and fan fiction...


      And another superior fan-site here, from Germany....

      Mike Batt 
      Mike Batt and those bunnies go hand-in-hand, don't they?

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