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  Whizzer & Chips characters and strips...

   Wear 'Em Out Wilf
    Wear 'Em Out Wilf

     Poor old Wilf was an unfortunate fellow with a 'wearing' affliction.
     Almost everything he came in to contact with would get worn
     out, almost in seconds. That meant things would break, burst,
     shatter, collapse, snap, tangle, unscrew, tumble, topple, tip,
     combust, frazzle, pop, plummet - or , well, you get the picture...

     Wilf wears out his parents' patience...

     Wilf himself was a decent enough chap, but his disaster-prone
     appearances drove his parents to distraction. Actually, he drove
     everyone to distraction, which makes you feel rather sorry for
     the lad. It wasn't his fault, after all...

    Oh Wilf!

     But let's not despair, because Wilf could actually wear a big
     smile on his face by the end of most strips. His deconstructive
     approach to life would regularly snare burglars or solve problems
     for folks!

     Our Wilf was something of a comic strip Frank Spencer, being
    so disaster-prone. But unlike Frank, he wasn't a wet-eared lad,
     merely unfortunate. Wilf's regular artist was the great Norman
     Mansbridge, who helped him wear his way through a good
     number of years in the  pages of Whizzer & Chips...

    Wilf's winning wearing ways...



Wear 'Em
  Out Wilf

  Facts & Figures

  1st appearance:

  & Chips #1
  24th Oct 1969

  Whizzer & Chips
  1973 - 1983,
  1985 - 1987,
  BIG Comic
  Annual 1992
  Funny F'nightly
  Annual 1991

  Original artist:


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