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  Shiver & Shake characters and strips...

  Webster - all smiles in his new home...
Webster was spinning webs each week in Shiver & Shake
    years before this here Internet malarkey absconded with his
    name. Each strip would find our jolly friend spinning a web
    in a new locale, only to come a cropper due to its unfortunate
    position, or through some unforeseen outside influence...

    Webster's haunts were many and varied. We first found him
    hanging inside a guard's box (ShSh #1). He then went on to
    a circus cannon, a film projector, a wishing well, a car roof
    rack, a tv screen, a cement mixer, a swimming pool,
    a double bass, a letterbox and many more similarly
    creative places.

    His last ever weekly appearance (ShSh #79) saw him
    all webbed up in the goalposts during the United and
    Rangers football match...

     Webster bumps heads with a pal...

    Our Webster could be a useful arachnid. He helped catch
    burglars, thwarted ne'erdowells and assisted folk when he
    could. But all he really wanted was a safe place to "hang out".

    Webster never communicated directly with folk, instead
    he spoke to us readers independently of the other
    conversations around him. Strangely, though, about midway
    through many strips the main antagonist, or new associate
    would address him by name in their conversations. So how
    did they come across that?

    Webster appeared in all but a handful of Shiver & Shake
    comics, and seemingly disappeared when the title merged
    with Whoopee! in October 1974. However, three months
    after the merger, the canny little fellow returned for a
    second short run. Though his appearances became
    intermittent, he was still popping well into July 1975...



  Facts & Figures

  1st appearance:

  & Shake #1
  10th March 1973

  Also seen in:

  Dec 74 - July 75


  Frankie Stein
  Hol Special 1978

  Original artist:

  Terry Bave


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