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   In 1999 Bird's ran two different Angel Delight promos featuring
   Wallace & Gromit. It was an all-encompassing campaign
   with terrific artwork on the special boxes and unique
   collectible moulds to get your paws on...

   Angel Delight: Face Invention Kit  - Wallace    Angel Delight: Face Invention Kit - Gromit

   Face Invention Kits
   These were yellow-boxed 3-packs of Anfel Delight, with a
   free W&G Face Invention Kit, so you could 'build' either
   Wallace or Gromit. The kits included special plastic moulds
   and sweeties to use for facial features...

   Angel Delight: Ice Lolly Moulds - Wallace & Shaun    Angel Delight: Ice Lolly Moulds - Gromit & Preston
   Ice Lolly Moulds
   These featured orange-boxed 3-packs with free Ice Lolly 
   Moulds. One kit included Wallace and Shaun moulds, the
   other had Gromit and Preston - slurp!

    Wallace & Shaun lollies!

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