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   Boots collectibles were many and varied, from polyresin
   resin figures, to wind-ups and beyond. Here's just a few
   of them...

      Bleating Shaun         Wind-up Gromit

    Bleating Shaun
     Battery-operated Shaun stands 270mm. He walks
     and bleats when you turn him on (coo- don't we all).    

   • Wind-up Gromit
     Gromit wags his tail and nods his head when you wind
     his key. Both of these wind-up toys were very late
     entries in to the Boots range and hence overlooked
     by many a collector.

     Saving for Dogs Moneybank     Wrong Trousers Jigsaw

 Saving for Dogs Moneybank
A big resin moneybank, this one, with Shaun taking a
     hearty bite out of Gromit's armchair. Actually more
     sculpture than bank and a cracking addition to the range.

 Wrong Trousers Jigsaw
     This 500 piece creation was a limited edition and came
     with its own certificate of authenticity.

     Sandslipper Moneybox     
Umbrella Wallace

The Summer Figure Range
     This may have been an off-shoot of the Topfair
collection, but there aren't any labels to help identify
     the manufacturers. The collection included a Wallace
     figure and a Shaun figure, both wearing umbrellas on
     their heads. They were joined by two larger exclusives.
     The first was a fabulous Sandslipper Moneybox, and
     the second was a large, and highly fragile, sculpture
     of Wallace dozing  in a hammock, suspended between
     two leafy trees.

      Wallace In A Hammock

     You were lucky if you found this range intact in stores.
     There seeemed to be a predilicition amongst shoppers
     to snap off the umbrellas and tree leaves!

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