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Wallace and Gromit appeal to adults, just as much as
   kids, so Boots cleverly cashed in on this popularity with a
   superior range of household and kitchenware items.
   Here's a small selection:

     Shaun Footstool         Gromit Doorstop

Shaun the Sheep footstool
     This fantastic stool stands 320mm high, with a soft fleecy
     covering and solid rubber hooved legs. It's just the right
     height to let you revisit that famous "telephone" scene from
     "The Wrong Trousers", and frankly, it's one of Toonhound's
     very favourite W&G items..

Gromit plush doorstop
     Built to a similar design, the doorstop is a weighty
     collectible and very desirable, but it was only available
     in larger stores, and only produced very late in the
     Boots run, around 1998 - 1999. That means many
     collectors missed out...

      Shaun the Sheep Timer     Feathers McGraw egg cup Shaun the Sheep egg cup

Shaun the Sheep timer
     This is funky. Shaun's head turns as he counts down
     an hour of cooking time...

Feathers McGraw egg cup
A plastic egg cup, shaped like our favourite penguin.
     Feathers' hat serves as the lid.

Shaun the Sheep egg cup
And here's Shaun. His head is the lid this time, so
     your breakfast egg sits atop his woolly neck!

      Feathers bottlestopper
   Gromit bottlestopper

Feathers McGraw bottlestopper
A super, heavy metal stopper for your wine bottle,
     around 4 inches tall, with an enamel painted head...

Gromit bottlestopper
And again, the same here, only this time it's Gromit
     who's guarding your booze!

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