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Christmas time at Boots in the mid-to-late nineties
   meant new Wallace & Gromit Xmas exclusives to brighten
   up your pressie list. Sadly, like all of the items featured in
   this round-up, they are no longer in production. That
   means you'll have to get your coat on and start hunting
   around Car Boot sales and secondhand markets to plug
   the gaps in your collection...


    Shaun Tree Topper    W&G Tree Decorations

      Shaun Tree Topper
      This was fab! - Shaun was presented to us in the form
      of a 250mm high plastic topper for your Xmas fur tree.
      The cutest fairy you've ever seen was boxed in a clear
      plastic drum, with a lid that - once opened - was a devil
      to put back in place!...

Wallace & Gromit Tree Decorations
      Once you had the fairy, you just had to get the tree
      ornaments too. Gromit was perched on pressie shaped
      mysteriously like a bone, whilst Shaun was busy
      munching a giant cracker...

W&G Crackers     W&G cracker contents

Wallace & Gromit Crackers
       These beautifully presented crackers were too good to
       pull. Each contained a novelty gift, motto, hat and sticker.
       The 8 gifts included:

       Wooden Gromit YoYo
                   W&G pencil pot
       Wooden Gromit key chain
         W&G mini Rubiks Cube
       Wooden Wallace key chain
      W&G mini playing cards
       Gromit mini address book
         W&G mini pencil set

       The gifts were top-class items, good enough to have
       been sold separately. Indeed, you'll still find these
       appearing individually on eBay and its like - now you
       know where they originally came from!


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