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Boots' range of toiletries was particularly extensive,
   and included soapdishes, bubble baths holders, shaving
   utensils and more. Many were produced exclusively for
   the store by a company called Euromark. Here's an
   initial selection:

    Close Shave razor holder  Close Shave shaving bowl and brush

   • Close Shave razor holder
     A plastic holder for your razor, with a suitably
     foamed up Wallace and Gromit.

   • Close Shave shaving bowl and brush
     A plastic bowl for your shaving foam, with a shaped
     lid featuring Wallace, Gromit and Shaun submerged in
     foam, and packaged with a traditional shaving brush.

      Shaving Mirror

   • Shaving Mirror
     The packaging identified this as being - deep breath - a
     "Wallace & Gromt Free-standing Magnifying Shaving Mirror"
     But regardless of the hyperbole, this was a fantastic
     sculpted mirror, depicting Wallace's Auto-Ablutions
     machine (patent pending).

      Close Shave Toothbrush Holder   Feathers McGraw Toothbrush Holder
  • Close Shave toothbrush holder
     This extravagant piece was made of moulded plastic, and
     featured Wallace and Gromit on their motorbike, straight
     out of the film. Gromit holds your toothbrush for you!

  • Feathers McGraw toothbrush holder
     Another holder here, with your toothbrush becoming the
     areial on Feathers' remote control...

     Feather McGraw soapdishShaun soapdish

   • Feathers McGraw soapdish
     A plastic penguin-shaped dish, flat on the back so you
     could place it by your bath and sink. Feathers' tummys
     was hollowed out to allow for the soap bar.

   • Shaun the Sheep soapdish
     A plastic sheep-shaped dish, fashioned after Shaun,
     with a bar of soap in his back.

       Rocket nailbrush   Wallace and Gromit nailbrushes from Boots

   • Rocket nailbrush
     A bright chunky nailbrush fashioned after the spaceship
     from "A Grand Day Out".

   • Wallace nailbrush
     Wallace was presented with his snorkel and flippers, atop
     another nailbrush.

   • Gromit nailbrush
     Gromit was kitted out with his rubber ring, again, in
     nailbrush form.

     Both the Wallace and Gromit nailbrushes were also
     available as bath plugs!

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