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   In 2004, Coalport launched a truly beautiful range of
   ceramic Wallace and Gromit figurines for us to collect.
   There were regular editions, and a selection of even
   more spectacular limited edition pieces, each based
   upon the original W&G movies. The figurines were
   handsomely boxed too, and each piece had its own
   tag, and a numbered certificate of authenticity,
   where applicable...

     WG9 - Hold on Gromit  WG4 - Happy Birthday Gromit

   Original prices varied from £20 - £80 per piece, so you
   certainly needed a fare bit of spare cash to get the set.
   But hey, this is Coalport we're talking about!

    • WG1 - Do Something Gromit
    • WG2 - Ready for Take Off
    • WG3 - Picnic on the Moon (LE)

    • WG4 - Happy Birthday Gromit

    • WG5 - Feathers in Disguise
    • WG6 - Gromit Decorating in the Wrong Trousers (LE)      
    • WG7 - Woolshop Encounter
    • WG8 - Shaun's New Coat
    • WG9 - Hold on Gromit (LE)

    • WG10 - More Cheese Gromit?
    • WG11 - Oh What a Mess!
    • WG12 -
Cracking Toast Gromit
  • WG13 - Gromit to the Rescue (LE)
  • WG14 - We'll go somewhere where there's Cheese! (LE)
  • WG19 - Cheese Holidays (Exclusive Edition)
  • WG21 - Out of Control (LE)

   WG6 - Gromit Decorating in the Wrong Trousers  WG13 - Gromit to the Rescue

   » The limited editions

   WG3 - Picnic on the Moon
   Taken from "A Grand Day Out", this features Wallace
   and Gromit partaking of a picnic on a cheesy yellow
   moonscape. It was limited to just 2000 numbered

   WG6 - Gromit Decorating in the Wrong Trousers
   This features Gromit in those titular strides, with a
   bright orange roller in hand. The piece stands 6" tall
   and was again limited to only 2000 numbered editions.

   WG9 - Hold on Gromit
   Wallace and Gromit have driven straight out of " A Close
   Shave" here, on their famous motorbike and sidecar.
   Once again, there were just 2000 numbered editions.

   WG13 - Gromit to the Rescue
   Taken from "A Close Shave", this features Gromit piloting
   his nippy red airplane. Like the others, thise piece was
   limited to 2000 numbered editions.

   WG14 - We'll go somewhere where there's cheese!
   Wallace ponders the globe whilst Gromit knits, in this
   recreation from "A Grand Day Out". And yet again,
   only 2000 pieces were produced.

   WG19 - Cheese Holidays
   Not a "limited" edition, as such, but this piece is/was a
   Home Shopping exclusive from Great Universal (Littlewoods),
   and not available in High Street stores. It depicts Wallace
   in his armchair, gleaning up on his favourite cheesy vacation
   spots, whilst Gromit looks on, unimpressed. The fact that
   this has only been made available through the one mail
   order outlet makes it just as desirable as the other limited
   editions - if not more so, because fewer folks will have
   tracked it down...

    WG19 - Cheese Holidays     WG21 - Out of Control

   WG21 - Out of Control
   And finally, we have this very limited beauty. This was an
   extra-special creation featuring Feathers, manipulating
   Wallace and the Wrong Trousers. The piece was an
   exclusive to the Guild of Specialist Gift retailers, and
   this time, only 750 were produced...

   » The regular pieces

   Smaller, but perfectly formed, the regular pieces are
   still chock full of character. Taller figures, like Wallace,
   stand around 5 inches high. The smallest is "Shaun's
   New Coat", which is 2 inches tall.

   You might argue that Coalport became a tad "lazy" with
   the likes of "Woolshop Encounter" and "Oh What a Mess".
   These pieces are almost exact replicas of those Vivid
   creations from a few years back. But that's just nitpicking
   really, because Coalport's range is indisputably

  WG12 - Cracking Toast Gromit  WG10 - More Cheese Gromit?  WG8 - Shaun's New Coat

    WG1 - Do Something Gromit  WG2 - Ready for Take Off  Wg5 - Feathers in Disguise

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