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   Compton and Woodhouse advertise all those special and
   limited edition plates and collectibles in the Sunday
   supplements. You know the kind: Folks are encouraged
   to buy into an exclusive range of quality goods, based
   around a specfic genre or theme...

   Well, the Wallace & Gromit range was no exception.
   They produced at least nine plates, in conjunction with
   Churchill china. Each plate measured 21cm in diameter
   and was boxed with a certificate of authenticity. As is
   often the case, plenty of us bought the first few plates
   in the range, like "The Knotty Knitter" and "Gromit Leaves
   Home". Oh, but then we stopped buying them, which
   makes those further down the range a tad more scarce,
   and hence, more desirable in the long term...

   The Knotty Knitter  Gromt Leaves Home  The Window Cleaners
      • The Knotty Knitter
      • Gromit Leaves         • The Window •
                                                   Home                       Cleaners

   Morning Mayhem Feathers Measures Up 
A Close Shave
    Morning Mayhem •           • Feathers •                • A Close Shave
                                            Measures Up

      Sticky Moment   Flying High   Skiing is Believing
        • Sticky Moment  •           • Flying High •           • Skiing is Believing •

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