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   Alongside their resin magnet range, Giftware gave us
   some first rate plush accessories. And you know, it's
   weird. Nearly all of the items profiled on this "cracking" site
   have long disappeared from our High Streets, but these
   accessories can still be found here in the UK, in pound
   stores and discount centres around the country - if you
   look hard enough. Here's a few of 'em to get you

     Wallace and Wendolene fridge magnets   Preston and Feathers fridge magnets

   Plush Fridge Magnets       Bum Bags/Purses 
   • Wallace                          • Wallace 
   • Gromit                            • Feathers  
   • Wendolene                      • Shaun  
   • Preston                          • Gromit  
   • Feathers        

   Shoulder Bags
   • Feathers 
   • Gromit 
• Shaun

      Wallace Bum Bag

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