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   Our cracking duo have, of course, featured in and on
   numerous posters, adverts and covers over the last decade
   or so. In time, you'll find many such pieces archived here
   The thumbnails lead to larger scans...


       Screen International - October 1st 1993
      "The Wrong Trousers" actually received a Royal Gala
      Premiere in the UK, alongside Warner Bros' feature film
      "The Fugitive". And here's the proof...

 Televisual - August 1995
     This industry monthly featured a three-page feature on
     "A Close Shave" just prior to its completion, and talked not
     just to Nick Park,  but to animator Steve Box and the BBC's
     Colin Rose who - erm - put his finger on the whole W&G

     "What people love about it is that, as characters,
     Wallace and Gromit look totally unrealistic -
     I mean, in close-up you can often see someone's
     fingerprint. It combines deceptively complex
     technique with domesticity and drama..."

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