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   Jacob's have always been the obvious promotional partner
   for Wallace and Gromit, what with Wallace's continued
   fascination for Wensleydale...

 Wallace Cheese Knife   

   From September 1998 to June 1999, Jacob's ran an exclusive
   promotion on their cracker packs, to enable folks to purchase
   a set of four fabulous china cheese plates, and an
   accompanying cheese knife.

   JWG001 - Shaun and Gromit   JWG002 - Wendolene and Shaun

    JWG003 - Gromit and Feathers    JWG004 - Wallace and Gromit

   • Each cheese plate cost £4.50 each, plus two tokens.
     Or £1.50 each, with 10 tokens.  

   • The cheese knives were £1.99 each, plus 2 tokens.
     Or free with 10 tokens.

   • You could save a further £3.00 by purchasing the whole
     set in one go.

  Jacob's W&G Cracker Tin

    In addition to the plates and knives, Jacob's had us
    drooling over a handsome Wallace and Gromit cracker
    tin, sold in larger supermarkets at the same time as the
    plate promotion. Within its metal walls were 16 Character
    Snack Packs. All in all, then, this was a superior and
    highly desirable collection of goodies!...

      Jacob's Character Snack Packs

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