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   Topfair were amongst the very first licensees to get
   onboard the Aardman train. Best of the bunch was one
   of their earliest pieces, the splendidly illogical "Wrong
   Trousers Desk Tidy". They also brought us 8 handsome
   figurines and 2 stylish moneyboxes.

   Collectors could easily confuse these with the Vivid
   Figures, but those came to us properly boxed and labelled,
   whereas Topfair's beauties lacked any additional packaging
   or presentation.

   Boots was the first company to stock the Topfair range.
   Indeed, for a time, they seemed to be something of an
   exclusive range. However, several figures later found
   their way into independent stores. Maybe these firms
   got their hands on some of Boots' old stock? It's a
   nightmare to ascertain what's what.

   Topfair may also have been the folks behind Boots
   Summer Figure range. But alas for us, there are simply
   no identifying labels on the figures, so we can only
   speculate for now...

   Topfair's Desk Tidy, Shaun Moneybox and Gromit Moneybox

   Wallace & Gromit Desk Tidy
   This incongruous creation stood 8 inches high, and
   was fashioned after those infamous "Wrong Trousers".
   Though it was billed as a desk tidy, it served very little
   function at all, being simply a paperclip holder. A little
   packet of coloured paperclips sat on top of the statue.

   Gromit Money Box
   Another 8 inch high creation, handsomely sculpted,
   and sporting a slot in the back for your pennies, and
   a stopper beneath for their retrieval.

   Shaun Money Box
   Again, another beautiful money holder.

   Resin figures
   These were top quality figures, standing up to 4 inches
   high. Wallace and Gromit were first, with Feathers, before
   Wendolene, Preston and Shaun joined the line. "Wallace
   Window Cleaner" and "Gromit with Raised Ears" were the
   last additions. 

   For some reason, Feathers wasn't identified by his name.
   Topfair billed him simply as "Penguin". Here's the range:

    • Wallace         • Gromit with Raised Ears
    • Gromit           • Wallace Window Cleaner
    • Wendolene     • Penguin
    • Preston         • Shaun the Sheep

   Wallace figure  Gromit figure

   Wendolene figure  Preston figure  Gromit with Raised Ears

   Wallace Window Cleaner  Penguin figure (Feathers)  Shaun the Sheep figure

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