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   These were a fairly late addition to the Vivid line-up,
   produced after "A Close Shave" had hit town. There were
   four wind ups to collect, made of plastic and standing
   around 10cm tall or long. The four creations each revealed
   a different action/function when they were wound up.
   And best of all, they didn't need batteries!

    Wacky Wind Up Wallace  Wacky Wind Up Shaun

   • Wallace in the Wrong Trousers
      Wind Wallace up and he walks around, in those fiendish
      green Techno Trousers...

   • Trotting Shaun
      Wind up Shaun and he trots around, gnawing
      his bone... 

    Wacky Wind Up Gromit Plane  Wacky Wind Up Climb & Clean Gromit

   • Flying Gromit
     Well all right, he doesn't "fly", but when you wind up
     Gromit's plane he zooms around your floor...

   • Climb and Clean Gromit
      Stick Gromit's suction cup on your window, draw him
      down on his bungee string, and watch him climb and

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