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   W&G Talking Alarm Clock   

   Wallace & Gromit
   Talking Alarm Clock instructions

For folks who've mislaid their instruction leaflet, here's
   Toonound's guide to using your alarm clock. Please remember,
   though, this page has no official endorsement from Wesco!..

» setting the time          » deselecting the alarm
» setting the date            » the snooze function
» setting the alarm     

» back to the Wesco page

  How to set the correct time
   • When you first switch on your clock, the LED screen
     will display "1:00"

   • Press the SET button six times. The clock will then
     display "1: A"

   • Press the MODE button repeatedly, until the correct
     hour time is reached (eg: "8:00" for eight o'clock)

   • When you're happy, press the SET button once more.
     The clock should then display: " :00"

   • Press the MODE button repeatedly, until the correct
     minute time is reached (eg: " :25" for twenty-five past)

   • Press SET once more, then MODE once more. The clock
     should then display your chosen time (eg: "8:25"). The
     colon on the display should be flashing on and off, to
     indicate all is functioning okay...

  How to set the correct date

   • Once you've set the time, and the colon is flashing happily,
     press SET four times. The clock will display " 1  ".

   • The months are indicated numerically, so that "1" = January,
     "2" = February, etc. So you should press MODE repeatedly
      until you reach your desired month (eg: ten presses
      brings up "10 " = October).

   • Now we can set the day. Press SET and the clock will
     display "   1". Again, the days are indicated numerically,
     so that "1" = the first, "2" = the second, etc.

   • Press MODE repeatedly, until you reach the required day.
     (eg: "  21" = twenty-first.)

   • Finally, press SET three times to return to the correct
     time once more. If all's gone well, the time colon will be
     flashing happily again...

   How to set the alarm

   Now things get a tad more convoluted. Make sure you've
   set the time and date before proceeding...

   • Start by pressing the SET button once. You should see a
     flashing "AL" symbol in the colon between the hours and
     minutes on the display.

   • Press MODE four times, slowly, and you will cycle through
     a choice of alarm settings.

     one press = alarm only.
     (You'll see a noise symbol (((.))) above the "AL")

     two presses = alarm and hourly report.
     (You'll see the noise symbol (((.))) above the "AL", and
     a bell symbol underneath)

     three presses = just the hourly report.
     (The noise symbol will disappear. Only the bell symbol
     will be visible)

     four presses = back to the beginning
     (No noise symbol or bell symbol, just the "AL" symbol
     in the colon, as you had at the start)

   • To set the alarm time, press MODE once or twice, as above,
      so you can see that noise symbol above the "AL".

   • Press SET once, then MODE a sufficient number of times
     until you get to your chosen hour for the alarm.

   • Press SET again, then MODE a sufficient number of times
     until you get to your desired minutes setting.

   • Finally, press SET once more to return to the correct time,
     with the noise symbol present to show you've got the
     alarm on.

     If it all sounds too complicated, just remember:
     A) If the bell symbol is showing, your alarm will sound
         every hour, on the hour.

     B) If the noise symbol (((.))) is displayed, your alarm will
        sound every day at your chosen time.

  Deselecting the alarm

    If you want to turn off the alarm function before it sounds,
    do the following:

    • Press SET once, then MODE three times, then SET
      three times.

    The Snooze function

    When your chosen alarm time is reached, you'll hear Peter
    Sallis telling you "Morning Gromit, time for walkies!".
    You then have one of three choices:

    A) Turn off the alarm with the ALARM OFF button.

    B) Leave the alarm running. It will switch off automatically
        after thirty-five seconds.

    C) Hit the SNOOZE button. This will give you five minutes
        more peace before Peter Sallis says to you: "Come on,
        Gromit, don't be a lazy bones!". Like before, this will be
        repeated for up to thirty-five seconds, unless you hit
        the ALARM OFF button, or if you're really feeling lazy,
        you can hit SNOOZE again and give yourself a further
        five minutes kip!

        If you're really not in the mood to wake up, you can
        simply hit SNOOZE indefinitely, every five minutes, for
        as long as you care...

© Aardman / BBC Worldwide / F2001-2005