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   W&G Radio Alarm Clock   

   Wallace & Gromit
   Radio Alarm Clock instructions

For folks who've mislaid their instruction leaflet, here's
   Toonound's guide to using your radio alarm. Please remember,
   though, this page has no official endorsement from Wesco!

» setting the time          » using the alarm
» setting the date            » reading the clock
» setting the alarm       

» back to the Wesco page

  How to set the correct time

   The radio alarm clock has hours, minutes and seconds to set.
   • Start by pressing the SET button until a steady number
     appears on the left of the LED display, a steady letter
     A, H or P on the right, and a flashing colon in the centre.

     The number is the hour time, A = AM, P = PM, H = 24hr.

     A and P are used for 12hr time mode
     (ie: 1 - 12 AM, 1 - 12 PM)

     H is for 24hr mode
     (ie: 1 - 24hour time)
   • Keep pressing the MODE button until the number and letter
     show the correct AM hour, or PM hour, or 24hr time.

   • Now press SET once and the minutes will appear on the
     right of the LED screen.

   • Keep pressing MODE until trhe correct minutes appear.
   • Press SET once, then MODE once, and your clock will
     show the set time, with the colon flashing happily
     in between the hour and minutes...

   • Now we need to set the seconds, so press MODE three
     times and the number of seconds will appear on the
     right of the LED display (ie: between 1 and 60).

   • Set the seconds to zero by pressing SET once, then
     press MODE once to return to the hours and minutes

  How to set the correct date

   • Once you've set the time, and the colon is flashing happily,
     keep pressing SET until a single number between 1 and
     12 appears on the left of the LED screen. This the current
     set month (ie: "1" = January, "2" = February, etc.).

   • Now press MODE repeatedly until you reach your desired
     month (eg: ten presses brings up "10 " = October).

   • Now we can set the day. Press SET and the clock will
     display a number between 1 and 31 on the right of the
     screen . Like before, the days are indicated numerically,
     so that 1 = the first, 2 = the second, etc.

   • Press MODE repeatedly, until you reach the required day.
     (eg: "  21" = twenty-first.)

   • Finally, keep pressing SET until the display returns to the
     correct time once more. If all's gone well, the time colon
     will be flashing away happily again...

   How to set the alarm

   Are you with us still? - Good! - Make sure you've
   set the time and date before proceeding...

   • Start by pressing the SET button once. You should see
     an "AL" symbol in the top left of the display, and the
     time should start flashing.

   • Press SET again and a flashing number will appear on the
     left of the display, with a steady number on the right.
     The flashing number represents the hour time.

   • Press MODE repeatedly to spin through the hours until
     your chosen hour time is reached.

     If you're in 12hr mode, you'll get an identifying "A" for
     an AM time, and "P" for a PM time as the numbers cycle.

     If you're in 24hr mode, the hours will cycle 1 - 24.

   • When you've reached your chosen hour, press SET once.
     The hour figure will stop flashing, and the minutes will
     flash instead.

   • Press MODE repeatedly to spin through the minutes,
     1 - 69, until you've chosen the correct minute time.

   • Finally, press SET to return to the normal time display.
     If all's gone well, the colon will be flashing away again...

  Using the alarm

    • Start by pressing the SET button once. You should see
      an "AL" symbol in the top left of the display, and the
      time should start flashing.

    • Press MODE once and a noise symbol ((( appears in
      the top-right corner of the display. This is the
      ALARM ON symbol.

    • Keep pressing SET until the display returns to its normal
      time display, with the noise symbol on, and that there
      colon flashing again...

    • Now you've turned the alarm function on, slide the
      radio across the mantlepiece to have it go off at your
      set time.

    • If you don't want the alarm to sound one day, just slide
      the radio back on the mantlepiece in advance. The alarm
      won't sound, but your settings will remain stored.

      Push the radio back across the mantle and you're back
      as you were, with the alarm ready to sound at your
      chosen time...
     NB: The BELL symbol on the bottom right of the LCD is
           a redundant feature. It's not applicable to this
           particular product, so you can ignore it...

    • When the clock reaches the set alarm time, Peter Sallis
      will ask you "Eh up, Gromit, shall we see what's on the
      wireless?". Then the radio will turn itself on.

     A) Press the ALARM OFF button and the radio will turn
         off. The alarm will then re-set for the same time
         next day.

     B) If the SNOOZE button is pressed, the alarm sequence
         will reccomence five minutes later...

    Reading the clock

    Start with the LED display showing the correct time,
    with that old colon flashing away happily.

    A) Press MODE once and the ALARM TIME will appear briefly.
    B) Press MODE twice and the DATE appears briefly.

    C) Press MODE three times and the SECONDS are shown,
        and they'll remain on screen until your press MODE
        once more...

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