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   W&G Moving Alarm Clock   

   Wallace & Gromit
   Moving Alarm Clock instructions

For folks who've mislaid their instruction leaflet, here's
   Toonound's guide to using your radio alarm. Please remember,
   though, this page has no official endorsement from Wesco!

» setting the time          » alarm features
» setting the alarm           » demo modes
» back to the Wesco page

   Before you begin

   Familiarise yourself with the back of the clock. Top
   left is an ALARM ON/OFF switch. Then there are two
   control knobs. The left one is for adjusting the time,
   and the right is for the alarm...

  How to set the correct time
   To set the time, turn the left TIME knob anticlockwise.
   The hands on the front of the clockface will rotate
   accordingly. Simply stop when you get to the correct

   How to set the alarm
   Make sure the ALARM ON/OFF switch is set to OFF.
   Now rotate the right hand ALARM knob anticlockwise.
   As you turn, the alarm hand on the clock face will
   rotate accordingly. Like before, simply stop when you
   get to the correct time. Switch the ALARM ON/OFF
   switch to ON, and you're away...

  Alarm features

   • When the alarm sounds, press gently on SHAUN'S HEAD
     to stop it. Shaun will BLEAT and the alarm will re-set,
     so that it goes off twelve hours later.

   • When the alarm sounds, you can choose to SNOOZE
     instead. To do this, press the BUCKET. You will then
     be given 5 more minures before the alarm sounds again.

     You can repeat this process indefinitely, or you can
     press SHAUN'S HEAD at any time, to end it and re-set
     the alarm.

   • Don't forget, this isn't a 24hr clock, so if you don't want
     the alarm to sound 12hrs later, you'll have to physically
     turn the ALARM ON/OFF switch to OFF once you're done!

   • Similarly, don't forget to flick the ALARM ON/OFF switch
     back to ON, within 12hrs of your alarm time!

    Demo modes

    • You can press SHAUN'S HEAD at any time to demonstrate
       the alarm. Pressing him again as it plays will silence the
       alarm. This won't affect any of your settings.

    • Press the BUCKET and you will illuminate the clock face
      for 5 seconds. Again, this won't affect your settings
      (unless, of course, your alarm is currently playing!).

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