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  Short British Films &  TV Specials

       "When Bob Became a Builder"

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Bob the Builder:
When Bob
  Became a Builder

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producers:  HOT Animation
                        for HIT Entertainment
     animation:  stop-motion animation
        run time:  28mins

    "Bob, how did you get to be a builder?"

    Bob the Builder and friends have a job to do at the seaside. They're
    building a new picnic area and play park, and reducing, re-using and
    recycling flotsam and jetsam they've found on the beach as they're
    going. But whilst they're building busy Benny can't resist probing his
    machine pals, and Bob, and Wendy, for some info about their earliest
    days together. When did Bob first start building. How did he meet Wendy.
    And what about Scoop, Muck, Dizzy and the rest. When did they join
    the team...?

    That's our cue for some wibbly-wobbly camera work as we go back in
    time with the gang, to relive some of those jolly memories.

      When Wendy turned up...

    It doesn't say it on the box, but the opening credits and the story's location
    confirm that this extended episode is actually part of Bob's bigger building
    concept Project:Build It. It also has to be said that there's not much of a
    story here. Even so, this little seaside special serves as a very pleasant
    interlude in Bob's hectic building schedule. When you recall his previous
    film specials have had him staging a big Christmas concert, rebuilding
    a castle, and constructing a Winter Games course. Well, next to that,
    building a picnic site is a breeze. And it gives us a chance to remind
    ourselves of exactly who does what within his team...

    Technically speaking, the is a faultless treat. HIT and HOT always
    go to town with Bob, so there's lots of lovely scenery and some understated
    seaside waves, rolling up and down the beach. Young Bob and Wendy
    look fab - he sports a tad more hair, and she has lovely pigtails. And the
    very first flashback is great fun. We get to see Bob picking out Scoop from
    a lineup of eager diggers - just like puppies at a dog pound!


Becoming Bob

    We learn quite a few first facts in this special. But if you don't want to
    spoil the detail, you should skip this bit now!

» Bob always liked helping his Dad to build things, on his school holidays.
        One Summer, when he was just fifteen years old, Bob helped to build
        their new house and yard in Bobsville. That was also when he first met
        roller-skating Wendy - his new neighbour from across the street. And
        it's Wendy who first refers to him as "Bob the Builder" - a name that
        makes young Bob blush with embarrassment!..

» When he finished his schooling, Bob took up work in the building trade,
        with his Dad. And after his father retired, Bob struck out on his own
with Scoop as his very first vehicular pal...

» Bob and Scoop's first big job together involved the construction of a new
        street of houses. And it also involved several new team members:

        Muck is brought in to help dig the foundations....

        Then Dizzy proves just the girl to get the concrete mixed...

        Lofty is brought in to lift ungainly things like girders...

        And it's Bird who overhears Bob's pleas for help to flatten the new
        road surface. He flies away and passes on the news to Roley...

        Finally, Wendy turns up to save Bob's bacon in the office. He's
        overwhelmed with phone calls and paperwork and her steady hand
        proves something of a lifesaver. Plus, she's been learning all about
        building at Night School...


Bobbing to the left

    Is our Bob ambidextrous? If you look closely, when he seals the deal
    to hire Scoop, he makes a left-handed handshake
. Yet later, he's seen
    shaking hands right-handed...  


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     When Bob Became a DVD

     UK DVD
Bob the Builder: When Bob Became a Builder
                Region 2 / film + three tv episodes / HIT / Nov 2005

     USA DVD Bob the Builder: When Bob Became a Builder
                Region 1 / film + more / HIT/Lyons / February 2006


    a HOT Animation production
    for HIT Entertainment Ltd

directors:                     Andy Burns, Gilly Fogg
producer:                     Jackie Cockle
    exec producer for HIT:  Jocelyn Stevenson
    writer:                          Sarah Ball
    originator:                    Keith Chapman
    original music:              Keith Hopwood
    title & credit
     music & lyrics:
             Paul K Joyce
    vocals:                         Neil Morrissey
    art directors:                Barbara Biddulph, Richard Edmunds
    asst to the 
     art directors:
               Chris Sievey
    storyboard artist:         Les Eaves
    animators:                   Justin Exley, Will Hodge,
                                       Sarah Pereira, Charlie Hopkins,
                                       Inge Van Wijngaarden,
                                       Dale Hemenway, Dan Alderson,
                                       Jan Maas, Chris Ketchell,
                                       Andy Burns, Oliver Putland,
                                       Jud Walton
    puppets & machines:     Mackinnon and Saunders Ltd
    puppet co-ord for HOT:  Leigh Manning
    puppet maintenance:    Kristian Burdsall
    design:                        Curtis Jobling
    sets:                           The As and When Men
    costumes:                    Geraldine Corrigan, Karen Betty
    props & set dressing:    Jon Kershaw, Darren Gillingham,
                                       Alan Henry, Darren Goodhead,
                                       Clare Jones, Trisha Budd,
                                       Rebecca Schofield, Tony Morris
    lighting camera:           Iain Karim
    camera assistant     
     & studio man:
              Paul Jones     
    editor:                         Rob Francis
    dubbing editors:           Adam Taylor, Sarah Faust,
                                       Bruce Marshall  
    dubbing mixer:             Paul Harrison
    On Line:                       422 Manchester  
    prod assistant
     & continuity:
                Terry Bane
    script editor:                Sam Barlow
    voice director:              Sarah Ball

    head of global 
     production for HIT:
       Karen Davidsen
    production supervisor 
     for HIT:
                       Laura Dimaio
    post production 
     co-ordinator for HOT:
   Kate Nowakowski
    assistant production  
                    Melissa Rogers

    voices:                        Neil Morrissey
                                       Richard Briers
                                       Rob Rackstraw
                                       Kate Harbour
                                       Emma Tate
                                       Rupert Degas  


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