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   It's Whizzer & Chips!

 First issue
  Mon 18th October 1969

  Last issue
  Mon 27th October 1990


  Knockout - 23rd June 1973
  Krazy - 15th April 1978
  Whoopee! - 7th April 1985

  Merged with...

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Whizzer & Chips - issue #1 & 18th Birthday edition

Whizer & Chips

  1971 - 1994

  Whizzer & Chips

  1970 - 1993

  Whizzer & Chips
  strip info

  1st issue

   Angel Face
   & Dare Devil
   Aqua Lad
   Batty Bat
   Fred's Family Tree
   Ginger's Tum
   Give the Dog a Bone
   Harry's Haunted
   Hetty's Horoscope
   Hot Rod
   Karate Kid
   Kings of
    the Castle
   Little Saver
   Me and My Shadow
   Minnie's Mixer
   The Mummy's Curse
   Odd Ball
   Parker The Parky
   Puddin' Tops
   Sid's Snake
   The Space Accident
   Space School
   Steadfast McStaunch
   The Stealer
   Wear 'Em Out Wilf
   The Spectacular
   Adventures of
   Willie Bunk

 some later

  Beat Your Neighbour
  Belle Tent
  Bewitched Belinda
  The Big Kids
  Boy Butler
  The Drips
  Footsie the Clown
  Ghost Town
  Glow Boy
  The Grim Gym
  Guy Gorilla
  Hal's Holdall
  Happy Families
  Horace & Dorris
  Hot Dog
  & Cool Cat
  Hover Boots
  Jimmy Jeckle
  & Master Hide
  Jolly Roger v
  Skully SCrossbones
  JR - Junior Rotter
  King of the
  Lazy Bones
  Lib An' Archie
  Lucky Dick
  Ma, Pa & Baby Ba
  Memory Banks
  Mizz Marble
  Money Talks
  My Bruvver
  Mystery Museum
  The Name Game
  The Nosey Parkers
  Old Boy
  Phil Fitt
  The Pirates
  Ray Gunn
  Robert's Robot
  The Scareys of
  St. Mary's

  Smarty Pants
  & Tatty Ed
  Store Wars
  Strange Hill
  Super Dad
  Sweet Tooth
  Three Storey Stan
  Timothy Tester
  Tiny Tycoon
  Toffee Nose
  Town Tarzan
  Watford Gapp
  Why, Dad, Why?
  Winnie the
  Royal Nag
  WorldWide School


    Gee whizz!

    "Whizzer & Chips" was launched in 1969. Chips was actually
    billed as a rival comic to Whizzer, nestled within its pages.
    The idea was for readers to choose allegiance to one or
    t'other, remove the center staples and discard the offending
    pages. But of course, no one you knew actually did that...

    Er, did they?

    As the comic continued through the 70s, so the rivalry
    between Whizzer fans (Whizz-Kids) and Chips fans
    (Chip-Ites) was played upon even more, with characters
    from one comic frequently 'invading' character strips in their
    opposite number. Eventually there was even a crossover
    strip - Whizz-Kids Vs Chip-Ites - playing in each comic...

     Sid - Whizz-Kid
    Shiner - Chip-Ite

The Whiz-Kids were lead by Sid, who had a dexterous pet
    snake called Slippy. Sid and Slippy hogged the colour front
    page through out the first decade of the comic.

    The Chip-Ites, meanwhile, found leadership from Shiner,
    who was always getting into scraps and scrapes which
    left him with a black-eye - hence that name...

    However, it wasn't always that way. In the very beginning
    - horror of horrors - our Sid actually featured on the front
    of the Chips section, with Shiner nowhere to be seen!

    The rather forced rivalry between these two star characters
    lasted for 20 years - 20 years! - That's one heck of a grudge
    match. And during those years the comic, or comics, altered
    their line-up quite considerably, as other Fleetway stablemates
    folded and merged around them...


    Merging stars

    In the course of that 20-year run, "Whizzer & Chips"
    had to endure three big comic mergers, and strips were
    dropped and reshuffled to accommodate those pesky new
    arrivals. And let's not forget, one key merging title,
    "Whoopee!" had already merged with a couple of
    stablemates of its own. Plus, in those later years, strips
    popped up in the line-up from comic past as well. Which
    confuses things even further. But here follows a
    breakdown of some of those arrivals, and their
    original comic appearamces....
     from Cheeky                             from
     Calculator Kid                               
Shiver & Shake
     Mustapha Million                          
Ghost Getters Ltd 
                                                          Lolly Pop
     from Cor!!
                                  Sweeny Toddler

     from Knockout                         Whoopee!
     Beat Your Neighbour                    Animal Lad   
     Boney                                           Book Worm
     Fuss Pott                                       The Bumpkin Billionaires 
     Joker                                             Evil Eye       
     Pete's Pockets                               Stage School     
     Sammy Shrink                               Super Mum
     The Slimms                                   Toy Boy   
     The Super Seven
     The Toffs & The Toughs                from WOW!
                                                           Boy Boss
     from Krazy
                                 Creepy Comix
     The Buytonic Boy
     Hit Kid
     The Krazy Gang
     Pongo Snodgrass


    Adventure strips

    Whizer & chips had its fair share of adventure tales,
    dotted between the fun strips. Here are a few
    of them...

    The Stealer
    Kings of the Castle
    The Spectacular Adventures
    of Willie Bunk                                             Whizz Wheels
Run, Rogan, Run!
    The Perils of Paul White                             
Big Ben
    Archie's Angels
    Revenge of the Puzzler
    Trip to Terror

    Danny Drew and His Dialing Man



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