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  Cor!! characters and strips...

   Willy The World's Worst Werewolf
    Willy Werewolf
This was an example of a Cor-medy Choice strip.
   Each week for ten weeks, Cor!! comic ran a new one-off
   strip and, after the final week, readers were invited to pick
   their favourite. The winning title became a regular Cor!! strip.
   Willy's strip was choice number three, appearing in the
   issue dated 19th January 1974...

   Willy was a werewolf, and as the title suggests he
   wasn't very good. Hindered by a thick fog, Willy takes
   a bite out of a solid street statue. He then attacks an
   eldery woman, only to be over-run by Angus, her tiny
   terrier. The short-sighted lady takes pity on the lycanthrope
   "doggie" and takes him home with her as a new pet.
   The tale is told via a letter from Willy to his Uncle Dracula,
   and embellished to disguise his howl-arious shortcomings...

   Poor Willy didn't win over the readers and this one-shot
   strip remains his only Fleetway appearance. But he did
   have a second brief flirt with fame when the strip was
   reprinted in the 1980 Krazy Annual - in full colour,
   this time...



  Willy Werewolf
  Facts & Figures


  Cor -medy
  Choice #3
  14th Jan 1974


  Krazy Annual
  1980 (in colour)


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