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  Shiver & Shake characters and strips...
 Wizard Prang...
    Wiz War
Wizard - "Wiz" - Prang was constantly competing with
   Demon Druid to create the better spell or potion, though
   neither appeared to be any good at their spellcasting and
   most concoctions and bedazzlements backfired, with
   suitably chaotic results.

Poor old Prang was just hapless, and Druid no demon.
   Indeed, most tales appeared to end with Prang's pet
   vulture Engel in command!...

  Engel the vulture...

   This fine, fun toon may well have taken its cue from Disney's
   "'Sword in the Stone' and Merlin's duel with Mad Madam

  "Wiz War" first popped up in the sixties, in Odham's
   short-lived "Pow!" comic (1967-68). The strip's Fleetway
   appearances seem to have been restricted to just a
   handful of annual and specials...
   Unless you know better?
                                    Demon Druid


  Wiz War
  Facts & Figures


  Shiver & Shake
  1975 - 1976


  Whizzer & Chips

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  Shiver & Shake
  Hol Special 1980

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