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  Whoopee! characters and strips...

  The Wolf Pack
    The Wolf Pack

    This ever-hungry trio of timber wolves were always on the
    scrounge for food from the various lumberjacks, rangers,
    native indians and storekeepers they came across in their
    National Park. And, yes, Yogi Bear-style "pic-a-nic
    baskets" were up for grabs too...

    This was that Fleetway rarity, an american-based strip,
    like Lunchin Vulture. Actually, it was very similar in concept
    to DC Thomson's The Three Bears. They were even called
    Ma, Pa and Son just like that other trio. But Fleetway would
    surely never stoop so low as to copy their rivals...?

    The Wolf Pack only featured in the first dozen Whoopee!
    issues and just two of the annuals (1975 and 1976).
    Eight years later they cropped up in a Jackpot Annual,
    before they lost themselves in the
    Fleetway wilderness...




  Wolf Pack
  Facts & Figures

  1st appearance:

  Whoopee! #1
  4th March 1974


  1975 - 1976

  Also seen in:

  Annual 1983

  Principal artist:
Gordon Bell


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